Haroon Abdul Waheed

Haroon Abdul Waheed

Haroon Abdul Waheed


Haroon Abdul Waheed is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of IT at UCP. His role involves teaching different core/elective courses in the domain of Software Engineering and Programming, supervising final-year projects in the same domains as well as developing mobile apps, counselling and helping students as student adviser and educating them about different areas of Computer Science and the latest research trends. Haroon is in the process of pursuing his Ph.D in Computer Science from the University of Central Punjab, where he also received BS in Computer Science. He received his MS in CS from LUMS in 2005 which was followed by another masters from Queen Mary University of London in 2008.
He has been teaching in University at undergraduate level since 2006 in which he served at various positions. His previous experience include Lecturer at CIIT Lahore, and Software developer at PITB.

  • Introduction to Software Development (Software Engineering)
  • Operating Systems
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Introduction to Programming using C++
  • Programming Fundaments in C++
  • Data Structures and Algorithms Analysis


University of Central Punjab, Lahore – 2011
PhD Qualifier Cleared, Synopsis phase(Machine Learning and NLP)

Queen Mary University of London – 2007-08
MSc Advanced Methods in Computer Sciences

Lahore University of Management Sciences – 2003-05
MS in Computer Sciences

University of Central Punjab, Lahore – 2000-03
BS in Computer Science


Distributed & Parallel Computation, Security Aspects, Cloud Computing, Big Data Analysis, Formal Specification & Analysis, Business and Software Process Mining.


I have worked and supervised a number of projects and worked in teams. To improve my development capabilities I have taken and taught relevant courses. The projects developed were of diverse nature, applications like Android Games & Apps, Encrypted Communication Software, Database explorer, and customized C++ applications that run on a distributed Grid etc. This has facilitated me in researching and understanding of the various technologies related to computer science and helped a lot in their Implementation.
Presently I am pursuing research in the area of machine learning apart from teaching computer science courses.
Assistant Professor (FOIT) UCP Lahore (Sep 2012- Till date)
Currently I am working in the Faculty of IT, teaching Programming courses like
Introduction to Software Development (Software Engineering)
Operating Systems
Object Oriented Programming
Introduction to Programming using C++ / Programming Fundaments in C++ Data Structures and Algorithms Analysis
In addition to advising Final Year Project in Android. I am also actively involved in administrative affairs like exam committee and project evaluation.
Lecturer (CS Department) COMSATS Lahore (CIIT) (Mar 2006- Aug 2012)
In Feb 2006 I was selected in CIIT Lahore under HEC Faculty development Program. In CIIT I perform following tasks

  • Instruct various courses along with labs like Operating Systems, Computer Organization and Assembly Language, Introduction to Computers and Programming, with emphasis on Programming Courses.
  • Evaluating/Supervising BS Final Projects (like Running Apps on Grid, Secure Car Automation, Mobile App development)
  • Research Work
  • In-House Software Development
  • Member Orientation Committee, Student Batch Advisor

I also did one year research work during my MSc in QMUL after securing a full time scholarship.
Research Interest Areas Include Distributed Systems, Parallel Computation, Security Aspects of Computer Applications and Programming Implementations of above
Software Developer Intern PITB (Sep 2005 Mar 2006)
Before CIIT I was working in Punjab IT Board. My basic responsibilities included development of software applications using VB .Net & ASP .Net. The basic platform for development was .Net Studio 2003 with SQL Server 2000 being used as the back-end database server. These applications were Windows in C# as well as Web based. In PITB I worked on the software development following projects
CDWA (Clean Drinking Water for all)
Support a Family Programmed (SAFP)
AJK Relief Effort
Patrolling Post Punjab Police Desktop Version
Special Branch Punjab Police
Inventory System


Data Compression Using Cellular Automata – 2008
My final dissertation included research work for assessing the usage of “Cellular Automata for Data Compression” I also worked on the aspects of data encryption from same techniques
Grid Computing – 2005
Final MS project was done to deploy Grid computing toolkit Globus and access the grid using a front-end portal. The development was done on Linux platform and using JSP front-end with Jakarta Tomcat
Distributed Messaging System – 2004
This project involved using J2EE technologies to develop a system of distributed and resource shared messaging system in on organization

“SeCoReSh” – 2003-04
This project involved various network programming modules. Both clients communicated through networks, which will be accessible by everybody. Encryption techniques both symmetric and asymmetric were applied to keep the communication secure as well as error free. It was implemented using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET technologies

Report on 4GL & 4GT – 2002
Studied and evaluated various popular Fourth generation language and tools for software development

E-Reservation – 2002-03
This product enabled people to book and check hotel reservation also let them plan their tour according to availability of rooms in a 5 star hotel through Http (for PC) and WAP Site (through WAP-enabled devices). It involved using XML and WML.


Programming Languages – C++, Visual C++, Visual Basic , ASP .NET, C# , Java Assembly, Prolog, UML, HTML, XML, MATLAB,
Databases Used – SQL Server 2000, Oracle 8/9, MS Access, MS Excel Platform Used – Windows 7 & Linux Ubuntu

Honors and Awards

Was Awarded Comsats Faculty for Future Scholarship in 2007 Have been in the top 10 students throughout my school life
Distributed Computing, Surfing internet, Reading books, Chess, Cricket
I am fluent in English, Urdu, and Punjabi and have knowledge of Arabic and French.

Faculty of Information Technology, University of Central Punjab

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