Jawad Khalid Qureshi

Jawad Khalid Qureshi

Jawad Khalid Qureshi


Jawad Khalid Qureshi has been working at UCP for 3.5 years. His area of specialization is Control Systems, Networking (Switching, Routing and Security). He has work experience of 8 years.

  • Computer Communication Networks
  • Microprocessor Systems
  • Numerical Analysis


MS (Electrical Engineering)



Research Projects
1. Hybrid Technique to Harvest Maximum Power from PV System
Collaborators: Dr. Muhammad Majid Gulzar
Students: Muhammad Murtaza Kamran, Hassan Abbas and Mujahid Najam ul Islam
Description: This project focuses on new hybrid technique by using two commonly techniques for MPPT problems. Whole algorithm is divided into two parts. (I) works under uniform irradiance condition so it used a simple Incremental Conductance (InC) technique with variable step size capability. While (II) works under partial shading condition. At this stage simple InC technique fails to detect Global Maxima (GM) so hybrid mechanism works initially by using Fractional Open Circuit Voltage (FOCV) technique in order to detect GM region. Once GM region is achieved, variable step sized incremental conductance technique can easily detect Maximum Power Point (MPP).
2. Anti-Collision System for cars along with Intercommunication
Collaborators: Dr. Kamran Saleem, Engr. Ali Awais
Students: Mubariz Malik, Mahrukh Malik and Talha Jamil
Description: This project focuses on avoiding car accidents by implementing sensor networks in cars to measure neighboring distance and control braking mechanism on basis of algorithm. Further wireless intercommunication between cars is also been proposed.
3. Smart Shopping Cart
Collaborators: Dr. Musharaf Hanif, Engr. Haseeb
Students: Burhan Akram, Manzoor ul Konain, Safwan Abdul Salem
Description: Main objective of this project is to implement sensors on shopping cart. Transmitter end will be in human possession and receiver end will be mounted on cart and it will follow the transmitter. Motors will be mounted with wheels to accommodate weight accordingly.
4. American Sign Language Translator using Kinect Sensor
Collaborators: Iqra Javaid
Description: In this project, we are going to perform American Sign Language translation using Kinect sensor. This project concerns that community who are unable to speak. In this project, we are using Kinect sensor with MATLAB and Open CV.

List of Publications

Journal Papers

  1. J. Khalid, A. Nasir, U. Shami, A. Baig, “Using Denoising Autoencoders to Predict Behavior of an Inverted Pendulum on a Cart System”, Technical Journal UET Taxila, Vol 22, Issue 1, 2017 pp 30-40
  2. Khan, M., Lateef, O., Saeed, M. A., Khan, M. U., & Khalid, J. “Impact analysis of grid connected wind farm at different points of interconnections on a power system.” Sci. Int. (Lahore), 27(3), 2015. 1925-1930.

University of Central Punjab Faculty of Electrical Engineering

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