Khizer Ahmed Zaki

Khizer Ahmed Zaki

Khizer Ahmed Zaki


Khizer Ahmed Zaki has been working as professor at UCP for 1 year and 4 months. His area of specialization is Manufacturing Engineering and Management. He has work experience of 3 years.

  • Metrology & Quality Assurance
  • Manufacturing Processes-I



Engineering Management College of Electrical and Mechanical NUST


Mechanical Engineering UET Lahore


Research Projects
1. Design and Fabrication of Pneumatic Limit Gauge
Collaborating Organization: MECAS ENGINEERING (PVT.) LIMITED
Collaborators: PROF. M. H. Zuberi
Dr. Faiz ul Hassan
Students: Faseeh Ahsan and Abdul Haseeb
Description: This project deals with designing and fabrication of pneumatic plug gauge which involves the measure of flow rate and check the Go and No. Go of the given dimensions. The students of this project work in University of Central Punjab and MECAS Engineering simultaneously as and when needed. The reason of selecting this project is to provide the effective solution of the quality control inspection to avoid defect outflow to customers.
2. Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) – Tool for unforeseen Customer Schedules in Sheet Metal Manufacturing industry
Collaborating Organization: Metaline Group of Industries Pvt. Limited
Research Group: Khizer Ahmed Zaki, Umair Riaz, Col. Asim, Naseem Abbass
Description: Main objective of this project is to measure the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) to utilize as one of the tool to address the unforeseen production schedules and ensure the hundred percent supply ability to satisfy customer needs.

List of Research Conducted

Journal Papers – Published

  1. Maturity Model as a Business Process Improvement Methodology for Automobile Parts Manufacturers: A Case Study, Sci.Int.(Lahore),28(5),4767-4776 ,2016

Journal Papers – Accepted

  1. Smart Cities: A Way forward for Pakistan accepted in Sci.Int.(Lahore).

Journal Papers – Under Review

  1. Prediction of crack initiation and propagation characteristics of smeared material crack in a complex 3-Dimensional Blisk model. Submitted in “Technical journal UET-Taxila”

Effect of Incentive Based Two Factor Theory on Employees Performance in Telecom Sector of Pakistan, Under Review, Submitted in “The Nucleus-ISSN: 2306-6539”
University of Central Punjab Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

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