Mr. Asad Ejaz Butt

Mr. Asad Ejaz Butt

Mr. Asad Ejaz Butt


Mr. Ejaz is a young economist trained in Canada. He holds a Master’s degree in Economics and International Development studies from the University of Guelph (2015) where he got the opportunity to teach undergraduate courses in Macroeconomic theory as a teaching assistant and worked as a research fellow on multiple labor and economic development assignments. Prior to that, Mr. Ejaz was awarded a Cum Laude undergraduate degree in Economics from York University (2013) where he was listed on the Dean’s Honor Roll in lieu of his proven academic success. He also holds an undergraduate degree in Business Administration from the Institute of Business Administration (IBA), University of the Punjab. Mr. Ejaz has embarked on several research and consultancy assignments since 2013, recently working as a Consultant with ICF International, a global energy policy and advocacy consulting firm, where he modeled energy efficiency products for ICF’s demand-side management projects. In the process, he has advised and provided energy consultancy services to a number of multilateral and bilateral donors and funding agencies including the UN, USAID and state-owned utilities in the US. Apart from his consulting endeavors, Mr. Ejaz is currently teaching as a faculty member at the University of Central Punjab where he’s associated in a permanent capacity with the university’s Economics department.

  • Public Sector Economics
  • Intermediate Macro Theory
  • Advanced Micro Theory
  • Principles of Macroeconomics
  • Development Economics
  • Mathematical Economics
  • Issues in Pakistan Economy
  • History of Economic Thought
  • World Economic History
  • Entrepreneurship
  • International Trade, Globalization and Integration


  • Self-motivated and passion-driven economist and public policy professional with around five years of rigorous international development and advocacy, energy/public policy formulation, research and teaching in economics experience.
  • Author of several acclaimed policy briefs, research papers and newspapers articles critiquing key policy, process and institutional matters.
  •  Supported major energy resource planning and capacity building projects for international development and policy organizations including the EU and USAID.
  • Strong academic foundation in economics and development studies; graduated with a B.A (Hons) in Economics (Cum Laude) and an M.A in Economics and International Development Studies.
  • Expert level user of Microsoft Excel (including visual basic application), Word, Access, R and Stata.
  •  Able to effectively work in teams and solve problems requiring extreme attention to detail manifested through sound organizational skills and valuable work experience.
  •  Confident communication and interpersonal skills gained through substantial public speaking experience and attending business conferences: Model United Nations and Parliamentary Debating experience in excess of 5 years.
  •  Columnist and contributor to major newspapers/magazines, writing on pertinent economic and development issues; Link to most recent publication that critiques Sachs’ economic adventurism in Africa:


M.A Economics and International Development Studies

University of Guelph, Guelph

  • Graduated in a rigorous, research-oriented master’s program concentrated in economics and international development studies  Master’s Research Project Titled:  A Time-Differentiated Growth Accounting Analysis of Pakistan’s First Three Five-Year Centralized Economic Plans
  • Marks/Grade: 81%
  • Won Entrance Scholarship for Fall’ 2014: $800
  • Awarded Graduate Teaching Assistantship in Economics for FW’ 2014/2015
  • Awarded CBE Summer Student RA Grant for Summer’ 2015 worth $2000
  • Awarded Graduate Research Assistantship in Labour Economics for Summer’ 2015 worth $ 3000

B.A (Hons) Economics

York University, Toronto

  • CGPA: 3.7/4.0
  • Dean’s Honour List Fall/Winter’ 2013
  • Conferred Cum Laude honour upon graduation
  • Nominated for the Golden Key Roll of Honour’ 2012

BBA (Hons) Marketing

University of the Punjab, Lahore

  • Major GPA: 3.6/4.0


Newspaper Columns and Blog

  1. Policy Brief for Punjab Economic Research Institute (PERI) on Exports, Foreign Remittances and Foreign Direct Investment:
  2. Opinion-Editorial piece published in Business Recorder that did an industry-level analysis for the agriculture sector based on the proposed agri-intervention model:
  3.  Book review of “Dr. Shock and Mr. Aid”,  a literary critique by Japhy Wilson that chronicles Jeffrey Sachs’ transition from a proponent of the capitalistic regime to an agent of development in Africa:
  4. Opinion Editorial piece published in Business Recorder that critiques that International Fairtrade movement for its failure to include poor farmers that aren’t able to enroll themselves through the complicated Fairtrade enrollment process:—neither-fair-nortrade?date=2016-03-20



Consultant, Analytics and Policy

ICF International Consulting, Toronto and Lahore

  • Joined ICF Consulting in its Energy Efficiency Analytics and Policy team working as a quantitative support on their energy modelling and policy projects.
  • Streamlined project management processes, updated and quality assured ICF’s flagship model ‘Energy efficiency potential model (EEPM)’ that is used to gauge the energy conservation potential of demand-side energy efficiency programs for US Utilities and US governmentfunded programs.
  • Liaised with internal and external clients to assess, identify and improve opportunities for collaboration.

Relevant Projects

Consultancy Projects, USAID

IRP for South Africa, Mozambique and Tanzania

  • Completed around 40% of the entire South Africa and Mozambique project that postulated policy frameworks to enhance energy conservation capacity of the region.
  • Calibrated economic models that incorporated economic, political and technical barriers to energy efficiency program implementation in the two countries.
  • Boarded a new ICF-USAID energy efficiency project for Kyrgyzstan where I support another energy efficiency potential study.  Conducted detailed literature review to develop a framework for analysis.   Assimilated measure-level analysis in Africa with technical resource manuals from US utilities to develop master databases for client presentations.
  • Monitored, Evaluated and QA’d a number of USAID projects including a USAID energy potential study in South Africa and Mozambique and USAID funded integrated resource planning project in Tanzania.

DSM Portfolio Benchmarking

ICF Internal Project

  • Integrated key DSM metrics at the portfolio level to estimate the magnitude of interdependency between several EE DSM variables.
  • Estimated the likely impact of changes in individual parameters on the overall model framework.
  • Used logistical and multivariable regression analysis to attain trend lines and forecast future behavior of the parameters.

Building Energy Modelling – EPBD Recast

European Union

  • Conducted literature reviews and data collection for a low-level initialization analysis aimed at developing a representative building energy model based on historic savings and cost estimates for an archetype building.
  • Developed analytical tools to model the archetype building for multiple sectors in the EU.

Energy Efficiency Potential Model

Bonneville Power Authority

  • Conducted high-level analysis to bring the model in-line with data sources.
  • Populated and QA’d the input tabs by estimating impacts and applicability at the measure and program-levels.
  • Extrapolated impacts based on industry standard escalation rates and estimated growth rates and inter-dependency of parameters.

Energy Efficiency Potential Model

Southern California Gas

  • Drafted the Input definitions file using the industry standard definitions for parameters used in the models.
  • Conducted high-level analysis to ensure consistency in growth outputs.

Research Analyst

Lombardi Publishing Corporation, Canada

  • Designed and implemented financial/economic models helping the firm to conduct fundamental and scenario analysis.
  • Established correlation and causation between changes in macroeconomic variables and volatility in stock market prices by constructing analytical models on Microsoft excel.
  • Churned out monthly reports on equities based on companies’ earnings performance and industry trends by analyzing the company specifics and the external economic atmosphere.



University of Central Punjab, Lahore

  • Courses Taught:3rd Year Undergraduate Development Economics
    • 1st Year Mathematical Economics
    • 2nd Year Macroeconomic Theory
  • Conducted faculty and student training sessions on entrepreneurship, research methodologies and change management.
  • Devised course outlines and mapped study plans for the short and long-term.
  • Monitored and Evaluated student performance using statistical tools to do a gap analysis of existing performance against identified KPIs and benchmarks.
  • Revised existing pedagogical structures and learning outcomes of courses to come up with more effective ways of knowledge sharing and dissemination.

Visiting Lecturer

Bahria University, Lahore

  • Courses Taught:3rd Year Undergraduate Managerial Economics
  • Conducted faculty and student training session on entrepreneurship, research methodologies and change management.
  • Supported the capacity building initiatives of burgeoning private sector universities by proposing education and structural reforms
  • Arranged economic policy dialogues and seminars inviting industry and academic experts to enhance student exposure, promote student-expert interaction and advance the public relations agenda of unestablished private sector universities.
  • Proposed plans to build alumni and education support networks liaising with governmental and non-governmental education agencies.

Graduate Research Assistant

Labor Economics, University of Guelph, Canada

  • Assisted Dr. Miana Plesca (Associate Dean of the College of Business and Economics, University of Guelph) on a number of funded and peer-reviewed research projects including a paper on disability impacts on labor economic outcomes in Canada and role of early childhood education intervention in labor development.
  • Enacted publishable literature reviews and surveys to initiate long-term research processes on a number of labor disciplines and updated the review process to include recent developments in the literature.

Graduate Research Assistant

Economic History/Economic Development, University of Guelph, Canada

  • Assisted Dr. Kris Inwood in his research on economic development and economic history of the African and Asian region as part of the CBE Summer student grant.

Graduate Teaching Assistant

University of Guelph, Canada

  • Assisted an introductory level Microeconomics course by reviewing the relevant literature and delivering online/in-class lectures
  • Used MyEconLab (MEL) software to smoothen the process of assignment and quiz submission and enhance/facilitate student-faculty interaction

Graduate Teaching Assistant

University of Guelph, Canada

  • Instructed an intermediate level Microeconomic theory course by using knowledge and communication skills gained at the graduate level
  • Marked and graded assignments and exams for assessment of the taught theory by using attention skills


Op-ed Column Writer

Multiple English News Dailies, Pakistan

  • Contributed syndicated English news columns and book reviews for leading English news dailies in Pakistan including Daily Times and Friday Times
  • Currently working on a manuscript that critiques commodification of religion from an economic perspective in an overall effort to delineate the development repercussions of overinvolving religion in matters of the state and policy frameworks.

Column Writer/Co-Editor

PSA Newsletter, York University, Canada

  • Produced syndicated columns for a campus wide magazine published by the Pakistani student Association
  • Highlighted the dilemma faced by the overwhelming number of Pakistanis migrating to Canada for a better Livelihood


  • Created my personal blog on WordPress in 2012 that has invited following in counts of hundreds over the last two years
  • Covered a wide array of pertinent yet controversial socio-economic subjects including environmental decay, economic injustice and undisputed role of media in nation building


Parliamentary Debater

York Debating Society (YDS), Canada

  • Debated on British and Canadian parliamentary formats as a speaker in the team
  • Adjudicated novice debating tournaments as a host debater for York University

Conference Participant/Policy Maker

Transparency International, Pakistan

  • Represented my University at a conference/policy debate titled “how to eradicate corruption in Pakistan” organized by Transparency International, Pakistan
  • Declared the best speaker amongst representatives from 35 different universities from across Pakistan and conferred with 1st prize and honorary membership


Member 2012-Present 350.ORG, Canada
Member 2014-Present Amnesty International
Member 2014-Present Oxfam Canada

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