Mr. Kashif Ali

Mr. Kashif Ali


Faculty Of UCP Business School

Kashif Ali has a Master degree from University of Connecticut, Stamford, CT , USA. Before joining the UCP, he was a
Fulbright Scholar at University of Connecticut to study Master of Financial Risk Management. His interest areas are Financial Management, Equity and Alternative Investments, Risk Management, and Islamic Finance.

  • Financial Management
  • Alternative Investments
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Entrepreneurial Finance


Master of Science in Financial Risk Management (MSFRM)

University of Connecticut, USA (Aug 2012 – Dec 2013)

Graduate Coursework Actuarial Science, Economics and Finance

University of Nebraska – Lincoln, USA (Aug 2011 – May 2012)

BBA Business& Finance

FAST – NUCES, Lahore (Aug 2006 – Jul 2010)


Government College University, Lahore (Aug 2004 – Aug 2006)

Research Interests

World Stock Markets, Financial aid and Growth for Economies, Risk Management Techniques

Work Experience

  1. Lecturer – UCP Business School, Lahore, Pakistan
    Feb 2014 – Current
    I specialize in teaching Finance and Economics courses to the BBA and MBA students. I have designed these courses: 1) Alternative Investments and Finance, 2) Enterprise Risk Management, & 3) Entrepreneurial Finance. I am also part of Center of Entrepreneurship (CoE) and working to launch entrepreneurship certificate for general public with the platform of UCP.
  1. Strategic Advisor –, USA Based Startup
    Mar 2016 – Mar 2017
    I am working with the Chairman of Pakistan Carpet Manufacturing and Exporters Assocation (PCMEA) to promote handmade rugs in the world. We have initiated Ruqasa, a startup registered in the US, to retail rugs directly to the public around the globe. We are trying to revive the dying industry of Rugs of Pakistan with 550,000 jobs at stake in Pakistan.
  1. Owner – Pakistan YouthTV – Blog and Social Media Campaign
    Aug 2015 – Aug 2016
    I am working with a team of admitious and socially motivated individuals to help Pakistan Youth discover opportunites around the globe to excel in their careers. We arrange video series for Pakistan Youth to learn new skills, to find ways to make part time income at home, to understand world geopolitics, and to understand Pakistan and world businesses.
  1. Consultant – – Education Consultancy
    July 2016 – Dec 2016
    I am working with a few professors with Phd from outside Pakistan to provide education guidance to students in Pakistan to explore studying opportunities abroad and finding relevant scholarships. I am also arranging sessions to guide students to choose their relevant field of study.
  1. Business Advisor – GMK Advisors – Business Consultancy
    Jan 2014 –Jan 2015
    I was working as a business advisor at GMK Advisors. I was also a managing partner of the company. We were working with small businesses to grow and devise internal controls to manage cash as well as inventory. We were also providing services to help starting small businesses.
  1. Risk Consultant – K2 Advisors – Hedge Fund Company, USA
    July 2013 – Dec 2013
    I was a team leader for a project to build a model fortheInvestment alternatives for the hedge funds to replace their cash at hand with the liquid investments. The main purpose was to match the cash reserves return with the actual hedge fund portfolio returns. We researched for possible Investment alternatives.
  1. Research Assistant – UConn School of Business, USA
    Aug 2012 – Aug 2013
    I was working with the graduate office and was part of the program development team. I wasalso working with professors to arrange study sessions for students facing difficulties in grasping thecomplex concepts. I arranged study sessions of risk modeling, risk management, and MS Excel (VB &Macros).
  1. Chief Operating Officer –, Lahore
    Nov 2010 – May 2011
    I was part of the managing team of a business start-up. BookStuff is an online book store that takes orders from all over the Pakistan and delivers books with a specialized supply chain system.

Research Paper

  1. Mustang International Journals Conference Dallas, Texas USA Nov 2013

“Equity Stocks of the World”Link:

Book Publishing

  1. Business Finance for Pakistan Sep 2014

Technical Skills

  • Analytical Tools:SPSS, Minitab, Risk Matrics, MS Excel, FinCad, MS Visual Basics
  • Reporting Tools:MS Word, Powerpoint, Outlook

Other Achievements

  • Gold Medalist Lahore Board, Fulbright Scholar, Roll of Honor GCU, Academic Excellence Award FAST-NUCES

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Faculty Of UCP Business School, University of Central Punjab

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