Muhammad Hassan Zaheer

Muhammad Hassan Zaheer

Muhammad Hassan Zaheer

Research Assistant


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science                         
PUNJAB GROUP OF COLLEGES (Information Technology), Lahore
Intermediate in computer science


1st August 2017 to present working as Research Assistant at Faculty of Information technology University of Central Punjab (FOIT-UCP Lahore)


An Attendance System for a School(C#)
Object Oriented Paradigm (2014)
Developed an attendance system for a school as part of the course project
A Notepad Application(C#)
Data Structures and Algorithms (2015)
Developed an Notepad Application as part of the course project
An ATM software (Assembly Language)
Computer Organization and Assembly Language (2015)
Developed an ATM software as part of the course project
A Web Based Portal System (Database and Web Interface)
Introduction to Database (2015) Web Application Development (2015)
Developed a Web Based Portal System as part of the course project of Introduction to Database and Web Application Development
The Car (Android Studio)
Mobile Application Development (2016)
Developed The Car (mobile application) as part of the course project
Data ware House for SILK BANK
Introduction to Data ware housing (2016-2017)
Proposed and Sample data for SILK BANK which real time applicable as part of the course project
Robotic car controlled by Bluetooth
Embedded Systems and Microcontroller Programing (2017)
Studying microcontrollers (Arduino and STMF32), developing a robot and developed a mobile application for controlling the robot as part of the course project
Surveillance Robot (PX-1)
Final Year Project (2016-2017)
Researching and developing a robot system as final year project along with documentation

Key Skills

  • Speed Tying
  • Developing project documentation for projects
  • GPU programing
  • Working with Linux operating systems on Raspberry pi (OS: Raspbian and Pixel)
  • TCP and UDP connections
  • Arduino microcontrollers
  • Communication between devices
  • Able to Engage in Extensive Research

04235880007- Ext 652
Faculty of Information Technology, University of Central Punjab

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