Muhammad Rizwan Ali

Muhammad Rizwan Ali


Faculty of Information Technology.


MS (CS) 2015 – date. COMSATS.
BS (CS) 2010 – 2014. P.U.C.I.T.

Experience and Projects

Working as Associate Lecturer in University Of Central Punjab
Self-Reminder And Tracking System (SRATS) ( Final Year Project )
A windows8 phone app that provides a location based reminder and tracking other windows8 phone user location.
An online database for windows8 phone for continuously saving history .It allows to check history , track other windows8 phone user online.
Vehicle Number Plate Recognition System
The system takes the photo of a vehicle and reads its number plate and checks the record against that number plate in database.
Android Alarming System
It is an alarming system in android that helps the user in scheduling his days according to his desire.
A calculator with mathematical functions.

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