Nabeel Khalid

Nabeel Khalid

Nabeel Khalid

Assistant Professor

Nabeel Khalid has been working at UCP for 9 years. His area of specialization is Instrumentation and Control.

  • Instrumentation and Control (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Instrumentation and Measurements
  • Electrical Network Analysis
  • Basic Electrical Engineering
  • Industrial Process Control
  • Digital Logic Design
  • Electronic Devices and Circuits
  • Industrial Electronics (Mechanical)


B.Sc. Electrical Engineering
University of Central Punjab (2008)
MS Electrical Engineering
University of Central Punjab (2015)
PhD. Electrical Engineering
University of Central Punjab (Continued)

Research Reports

Research Projects
1. Load Monitoring, Management and Power factor improvement
Students: Hafiz Muhammad Usman, Nouman Waheed, Muhammad Abubakar Maqsood
Description: This project focuses on the monitoring of single phase system for different load conditions along with the power factor improvement and management of load in case of excess loading.
2. Audio Transmission through visible light
Students: Haider Ali, Hammad Younas, Hamayoun Akram
Description: This project focuses on the audio signal transmission using visible light.

List of Publications

Journal Papers

  1. A Arif, N Khalid, A Khalid, MU Khan, “Vision Based Path Planning Control System for Omnidirectional Autonomous Mobile Robot”, International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security; Pittsburgh, 14.12 (Dec 2016): 905-910.
  2. Nabeel Khalid, Umar Tabrez Shami, Arslan Ashraf, Adeel Arif, “DIAGNOSTIC SIMULATION OF SINGLE PHASE INDUCTION MOTOR NOISE WITH DIFFERENT PWM SCHEMES” Science International Lahore.
  3. Riaz Ahmad Rana, Umar Shami, Muhammad Saleem, Nabeel Khalid “Smart Grid Capabilities, Infrastructure, Impact on Power Suppliers/Consumers and Concerns” New Horizons Journal of the IEEEP, July 2014.

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University of Central Punjab Faculty of Electrical Engineering

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