Nauman Akram

Nauman Akram

Nauman Akram

Lab Instructor

  • DLD(Digital Logic Design) Labs.
  • In summer conduct DSA(Data Structure and Algorithm) Labs.
  • Currently conducting DSA and MAD(Mobile Application Development) Labs.


Bachelor in Computer Science
University of Central Punjab, Lahore
Faculty of Engineering Science(FSC)
Punjab College, Gujrawala


FOIT complete Website
I made a new FOIT complete Website with my colleague.
Compiler for C++ Language
In Compiler Construction, I did the lexical Analysis, parser Implementation, semantic Analysis In C++ language.
Alarm Application In Android
In Mobile Application Development, I made an Application, in which you enter your daily life tasks when the day and time come it will remind you through notification.
Huffman Compression Algorithm
It’s compression algorithm, in which text with greater frequency have greater chance to compress file in minimum size.
Complete Website of Restaurant with complete Database( My SQL)
I made Complete Website of Restaurant with complete Database( My SQL) with Admin Panel and simple User Panel
Token Based Plagiarisms Detector
In Web Applications I made a Token Based Plagiarisms Detector between two Source files of html(with PHP)
In OpenGL I made duplicate Application of paint, in which we can perform all activities present in Paint Application in windows.
Text to Speech Converter
Currently I am making Text to Speech Converter in Punjabi, in which user will write the Punjabi through standardized Google ISO based keyboard
Data Mart for Bakery name as Cakes and Bakes
I have also develop Data Mart for bakery name as Cakes and Bakes.
Professional Experience:

  • Made a new FOIT complete Website and currently I am modernizing this website.
  • Currently Working with UCP at Zero Semester.
  • Also work on different websites like ,
  • On Social Media currently handling and updating FOIT-UCP & Art and Calligraphy pages on Facebook.
  • Managing FOIT Attendance system.
  • Partially working on Results Management system.


C/C++ Language, PHP, Java
Web Frameworks
Wordpress, Code Ignitor, Php/MYSql, JavaScript, Nodejs
Android Application, Microsoft SQL Server, MATLAB
04235880007- Ext -378
Faculty of Information Technology, University of Central Punjab

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