Prof. Javed

Prof. Javed

Associate Professor(Zoology)

Faculty of Sciences

RESEARCH PUBLICATIONS, BOOKS (Starting from the most recent one)

  1. List of publications in journals
S.# Name of Author(s) Complete Name of Journal Title of Publication Vol. & Page No. Year published
01 Iqbal, J.,Asmatullah&Mufti,S.A. Punjab Univ.J.Zool Effects of acute and chronic exposures to Diazinon on the fecundity and egg size in Colisafasciata. 19
59- 66
02 Din,S., Salariya, A.M., Iqbal. J. and Yasin, M. Pak.J.Sci Res Estimation of Iodine in meats. 51
Salariya, A.M. Salah-ud-Din, Iqbal, J. and Yasin, M. Pak.J. Sci., Effect of nitrogen fertilizers in wheat 50 (3-4): 57-62 1998
Asmatullah, Mufti, S. A., Cheema, A. M. and Iqbal, J . Punjab Univ. J. Embryotoxcity and teratogenicity of Malathion in mice Zool.,
8 : 53-61.
05 Iqbal.J. Mujti, S.A. and Asmatullah . Sci. Int. (Lahore), Effect of chronic exposure of Diazinon on the reproduction of fresh water fish, Colisafasciata. 4 (4) : 403-408 (1992).
06 Iqbal, J and Mufti, S.A. Pro. Pak. Cong. Zool. Effect of Diazinon on egg hatchability in a fresh water teleost, Colisafasciata, 11 :  231-238. (1991).
07 Mufti, S.A. and Iqbal, J Pak. J. Zool., Tail regeneration after amputation in Hemidactylusflaviviridis. 7 (1) : 15-28 (1975).
08 Iqbal, J., Mumtaz,M.W., Iqbal,Tahir.,Mahmood,Shahid and Razaq, A .. Pak.J.Bot Particle size distribution analysis and physico-chemical characterization of Chenab River at MaralaHeadworks 42(2): 1153-1161. (2010).
09 Mumtaz, M.W., Hanif. M., Mukhtar,H.,Iqbal, J. and Rehman, Z Estimation of water quality degradation of Lahore canal by heavy and toxic metals analysis using AAS. (2008).

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2. Conference/scientific/technical reports (Papers presented in conferences, symposia, special lectures)

  • Effect of Diazinon on the egg hatchability in Colisa fish, 11th Pakistan Congress of Zoology, May 1991 Khanaspur, Pakistan.
  • Effect of long term exposure of Diazinon on reproduction of freshwater fish, Colisafasciata
  • Toxicity of pesticidal pollution on fish, annual technical committee of fisheries, PARC, Islamabad, May 1993.



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