Saad Azhar Saeed

Saad Azhar Saeed

Saad Azhar Saeed


Worked as a full stack developer with more than 3.5+ years of industry experience. Specialized in both front-end and back-end aspects of web development. Having a Master of Philosophy (MPhil) degree in computer science with major in Big Data

Currently Teaching

  • Advance Web Programming
  • Software Testing


National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences FAST-NU | Lahore, Pakistan
MPhil in Computer Science
Specialization: Big Data | Recommender system in cloud computing
Punjab University College of Information Technology PUCIT | Lahore, Pakistan
Forman Christian College FC-College FC- College | Lahore, Pakistan
Intermediate in Computer Science
The Punjab School Lahore, Pakistan
Matriculation in Computer Science


Associate Lecturer
University of Central Punjab || Lahore, Pakistan  
Senior Software Engineer
Next Life Technologies || Lahore, Pakistan           
Senior Software Engineer
Intuitive App studio | |Lahore, Pakistan
Software Engineer (Web Developer)
Make it Your Web (United States) | Simple Software Solution (Pakistan) | | Lahore, Pakistan


Accounting software for firms to evaluate their progress and growth as compare to related industries. This software allow companies to generate reports which highlight positive aspects and potential risks according to financial data. The theme of the project is based on RMA study. Completed the project with website, admin Section, user Section and reports.
Technologies: Php, WordPress, Extjs 3.4  and Mysql.
Utah’s Hogle Zoo
Utah’s Hogle Zoo is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. It’s the state’s largest zoo, they provide housing to animals from diverse ecosystems. The project is a rebuilt of an old website in new technology, with new features. According to requirement we converted all the static content to dynamic. The client’s basic requirement is to control the website from admin section, so we created few plugins to manage the website
Technologies: Php, WordPress,Extjs 3.4 and Mysql
UAE General Women’s Union (GWU)
Developed an augmented reality based application for the royal family of UAE. The core part of the application is to facilitate users with ability to view information regarding awards presented to Sheikha Fatima for her contributions. The awards are placed in UAE library. Completed the project with an admin section (web based), web apis, android and ios application.
Technologies: Php, Laravel, Android and IOS and Mysql
The Entertainer – 241Passport
241 passport is a project of “The entertainer”, which provides tourism related services in few countries. They facilitate user with deals & offers from restaurants, attractions, activities and spas etc. Completed the project with Website and a facebook Quiz game. Each day a winner is announced, based on the quiz timings.
Technologies: Php, Html, Css, Jquery and Mysql.
Url: |
The GLF Golf Locker is a one stop shop for golf coaching. It is an innovative end to end web platform and associated App.  The platform covers the business end, provides all the tools required for a Coach through to giving the Student a great experience while they are striving to achieve their goals.
Technologies: Html,Css,Jquery C# (MVC razor 3) and sql server
Iglows is a one stop solution for all beauty and grooming related services. The main idea is to facilitate iglows’ user with the appointment and products related to salons and spas. It also helps user to find appropriate salon, spa or even a freelancer according to his/her location. Completed the project with website, admin section, web apis, android and ios application.
Technologies: Php, Laravel, Android and IOS and Mysql.

Key Skills

Frontend/Client technologies:

  • HTML & CSS
  • JavaScript, jQuery & ExtJs 3.4

Backend/Server-side technologies:

  • PHP: Laravel & Yii2
  • C#: MVC3 & Asp .Net

Big Data technologies:

  • Hadoop (Java)

Management System:

  • WordPress
  • Magento


  • Mysql
  • Sql Server
Faculty of Information Technology, University of Central Punjab

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