Tahir Saleem

Tahir Saleem

Assistant Professor

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Mr. Tahir has 13 years career as Assistant Professor, teacher and researcher. He received his PhD in Linguistics and Literature from Air University Islamabad. He has been Lecturer cum House Master (BS-17) in English in Army Burn Hall College for Boys Abbottabad, Assistant Professor in the Department of English, University of Lahore. He brings with him outstanding higher education academic and administrative record. Mr. Tahir’s research interest includes Bilingualism, L2 Pragmatics, Descriptive Syntax, and Language Testing. He has presented and participated in various national and international conferences. He has quite vigorously engaged in publishing his research work in the national and international journals. A number of students have completed their M. Phil. under his supervision

PhD Linguistics & Literature Air University Islamabad 2020
M.Phil Applied Linguistics Hazara University Mansehra 2014
MA English Language Teaching & LinguisticsUniversity of the Punjab 2007
MA English Literature University of the Punjab 2005
Assistant Professor University of Central Punjab Till-date
Assistant Professor University of Lahore 3.5
Lecturer (BS-17) Army Burn Hall College for Boys Abbottabad 7
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