Psychology Society Seminar

Psychology Society Seminar

Psychology department, FASS has always been upfront and eager to provide platforms and opportunities to the ones that are eager to join hands with it in a successful collaboration. To materialize this vision Psychology department joined hands with MILLS for a common venture. MILLS is a research-driven social enterprise, which has been researching on factors driving Pakistan’s poor performance ranking on Global Innovation Index. For this purpose a seminar was conducted under the supervision of Omayer Arshad, the Principle Consultant of MILLS, on 21st March, 2017 to explain the aim and objectives of this organization to the students of psychology dept. Focus of the seminar was:

  • Develop new learning,
  • Emphasize on role of self-directed behaviors,
  • Leadership and success skills.

Followed by the seminar was a fun-based Legos activity in which the faculty as well as the students of Psychology Department took part.  Overall seminar was interactive and learning based.

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