Radio communication is a career path that interests many young students. In order to give them an early start, it is best that radio learning take place in educational setups.
The major benefit of radio learning at university is that it teaches students a new and possibly job-related skill. What you learn at university often determines where you can work, and students with experience in working on smaller radio productions in an academic setting may find that their expertise is needed in the job market. Students who learn technical skills in the classroom may find that those same skills are in demand at a local radio station, or that their ability to cut sound bites together may be needed for an opening at a recording studio.
Keeping in view the need of today, FM 92.6 UCP ki Dunya is built with a purpose to foster the sense of responsibility, unity and integrity among the students and other listeners. Besides having the latest equipment in radio industry, FM 92.6 airs transmission for 24/7 proving to be the only educational radio setup in Pakistan airing round the clock transmission. It aims to produce the best producers, researchers, anchors and broadcasters for the media market. Our broadcast is based on programs related to infotainment, education, documentaries, features, interviews, talk shows and debates developing a strong desire among the students to know about the world and different cultural values. This state of the art radio set up will be very beneficial in terms of providing quality broadcast in future.