• Student Council

    The student council organizes and manages all extra and co-curricular activities for the student body within the campus. This is mainly done through student societies, collaborating with student leaders and the university management so that students may develop skills outside the classroom. The societies are managed by students themselves under the patronage of a faculty member. The societies promote education, socialization, entrepreneurship, social causes and different forms of art.  Students avail the opportunity to pursue their passions and hone their skills by playing an active role in the student council through societies, which allows them to make productive use of their time.

  • Career Services Office

    The career services office plays a significant role in providing support to graduating and current students in making the right decisions about their future. This department also plays a vital role in bridging the gap between academia and industry. In order to produce well-rounded individuals, it is important for the university to give industry exposure to students which provides a practical element to what has been taught in lectures. The career services office is also responsible for the placement of students in the market for jobs and internships, placements of students at universities abroad for higher studies as well as informing students about scholarship opportunities.


  • Alumni Relations Office

    The Alumni Relations Office strengthens the tie between alumni and their alma mater. A portal is designed especially for the alumni to stay updated with the university’s events and activities. The office regularly organizes alumni meet-ups to provide an opportunity to interact with the current students and share their success stories. Alumni dinners are also arranged to form a strong professional network.

  • Quality Enhancement Cell

    QEC department focuses on planning, guiding and monitoring quality assurance and enhancement. QEC has been established according to the Quality Assurance (QA) framework of the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC) to maintain and enhance the quality of education and research at the University of Central Punjab.

  • Volunteers in Service (VIS)

    The University of Central Punjab initiated Volunteers In Service (VIS) program to shape students into responsible citizens of the community. It is mandatory for every student to perform volunteer work before graduation with one or more of the renowned partners of VIS department. These partners include local and international organizations such as NGOs, NPOs, hospitals, rehabilitation centers and schools.

  • Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization

    ORIC was established at the University of Central Punjab as per the requirements of the Higher Education Commission(HEC). It is working efficiently and effectively to develop and enhance research-based innovation and commercialization activities.  ORIC ensures that all research programs are in compliance with the directive of the recognizing authorities. There are three departments operational under ORIC which are given as follows:

    Directorate of Research

    With the aim of invigorating research culture among graduate,  postgraduate students and the faculty, the Directorate of Research is enthusiastic to develop, expand, enhance and manage the university’s research efforts and to produce relevant work that links research activities directly to the educational, social and economic priorities of the university and its broader community.

    Industrial Linkages

    Industrial linkages department aims to promote the development of public-private partnerships in support of university research, link the university’s research community with the needs and priorities of the corporate sector, develop opportunities for applied research and explore opportunities for technology transfer and the commercialization of university research (Including incubators and research parks).


    The University of Central Punjab is not only dedicated to producing globally-competitive professionals but also innovative entrepreneurs and job creators. Takhleeq is a business incubator that is the hub for creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial activities at the University of Central Punjab. Takhleeq organizes events and lectures on entrepreneurship and creates national and international linkages to support entrepreneurs.

    The incubation program empowers participants to start, run and grow their businesses. Takhleeq addresses common problems that entrepreneurs face at the early stages of a business startup through counseling, workshops and legal guidance. Takhleeq is committed to nurture and facilitate determined entrepreneurs who are driven to solve local problems using innovative solutions.

  • Department of Sustainable Environment (DSE)

    All the efforts of the Department of Sustainable Energy are in line with the vision of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). It focuses on ensuring the sustainability of the environment through teaching, research and training for both students and faculty members. It also gives the awareness about the dangers of pollution, techniques of mitigating adverse effects of pollutants through awareness campaigns on climate change and the environment. Trying to attain long-term socio-economic sustainability both inside and outside the campus by providing necessary guidelines and suggesting policies. This department aims at linking UCP with local and international universities for sustainable and Green Environment through lectures, exhibitions, competitions and visits. Linkages with the Industry, government ministries, as well as local communities are formed in order to meet the challenges of the sustainable environment of the future.

  • Registrar Office

    The Office of Registrar is the custodian of official student academic records and is responsible for the accuracy, integrity, and security of those records. It provides academic support and information to students, staff, faculty and other constituencies.
    The Office of the Registrar is the core service provider within the University’s offices. It acts as the facilitator and custodian of all academic, statutory and associated matters of the University. In coordination with other departments, we establish, implement, support, and uphold academic policies related to registration services, enrollment and degree verification, class scheduling, grade processing, managing degree audit, processing degree applications, verifying student enrollment status to lenders, and coordinating/facilitating the University’s campus-wide registration system.