Welcome to the University of Central Punjab Law College.
You have prudently opted for a prestigious Institution, renowned for exceptional achievements over years. Many students of the College have since obtained `positions and distinctions’, and are now eminent professionals in different walks of life.
We impart education with a missionary zeal, and our ambition is to produce true human beings, motivated by the qualities of the head and the heart.
Here, everyone is apt and equipped to groom your talent, to help you accomplish your goal, and to mature you into a responsible and useful citizen. Competent Professionals impart education in an excellent ambience. The College also offers several scholarships and other incentives to talented and deserving students. Students have the optimum benefit from the opportunities, openings and assistance readily available at the Campus.

We pledge maximum support, and in turn, wish that the students reciprocate with conviction and responsibility, so that we are as proud of them tomorrow as we are today of our luminous alumni.