Ayesha Zaheer

Ayesha Zaheer

Ayesha Zaheer


I finished my MS thesis from LUMS and have worked on many research and development projects with FAST-NUCES and LUMS faculty. I enjoyed teaching during my teaching assistantship role at LUMS. I am most interested in teaching Programming Courses, Software Engineering, Design Patterns and Refactoring, Algorithms and Software Testing.

  • Logic Thinking
  • Introduction to Computers


MS Computer Science
2014 – 2016 LUMS (Lahore)
Thesis: Incremental Symbolic Execution using KLEE — Novel technique to reduce code analysis time by avoiding solving infeasible path conditions for incremental version using historical data. Advisor: Dr. Junaid Haroon Siddiqui
BS Computer Science
2009 – 2013 FAST-NUCES (Lahore)
Final year Project: Health Care Pathway — Hospital Management System, using HL7 as medical information standard, providing a centralized platform for hospitals across Pakistan. Advisor: Dr. Bushra Anjum


  • Lecturer ship
    UCP (Lahore)
    CSHU2833: Logic Thinking Fall 2016
    CSHU2833: Logic Thinking Spring 2017
  • Teaching Assistant LUMS (Lahore)
    CS 510: Design & Analysis of Algorithm with Dr. Imdad Ullah Khan Spring 2016
    CS 569: Design Patterns and Refactoring with Dr. Hamid Abdul Basit Fall 2015
  • Research Assistant with Dr. Hamid Abdul Basit Spring 2015 LUMS (Lahore)
    I worked on a clone management tool to manage duplicate code in software i.e. identify, report and visualize the structured clones. I worked on visualization and editing of clones.
  • Intern with Dr. Bushra Anjum Spring 2014 FAST-NUCES (Lahore)
    I worked as lead developer for a cancer awareness android application. It reminds the user to examine her once a month and also get some facts and news regarding this disease. Android Developer Summer 2014 Pak Electron Limited (Lahore) I worked on an application that provides a common platform for food chain deals. I designed the Database, Basic GUI and also worked on fetching deals from services.


BRCA (Breast Cancer Awareness Application):
This is an application about cancer awareness. User can also get some facts and news about this disease.
Clone based recommender system:
System recommends different functions to users which are related to his current methods.patterns.
Goods collection System (Refactoring, enhancement and design pattern implementation)
Language and Tools:  Eclipse, Android
Description: A goods collection application to collect goods from different station and then save summery of transection of each day. Implementation of user stories of one role was required in enhancement phase and then refactoring of code was part of this project while applying different suitable design patterns.
My responsibilities: I worked on all tasks to learn how to refactor, implement design pattern and enhance code.
Social Network Site
Language and Tools:  Microsoft SQL Server, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Eclipse
My responsibilities: I worked on Sign in and Sing Up of user.
Election Management System
Language and Tools:  Java, Microsoft Access, NetBeans
Description: A desktop application to automate election system. Candidates can register themselves and voters can vote when voting is open. Voters can see list of all candidates of their polling station. System also keeps record of the number of votes for each candidate.
My responsibilities: I worked on Vote counting and position of candidates.
Web Portal for Traffic Information
Language and Tools:  PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, Jquery
Description: User can sign-in through Facebook in system. User can see traffic information of his route with use of rasta.pk at pre-selected time. User can see News which is provided to him using RSS feeds of his interest.
My Contribution: I worked on Sign in and Sing Up through Facebook and RSS news feed.
Course Registration System
Language and Tools:  Eclipse, Android
My responsibilities: I worked on fetching data from Fast NU site.
Brick Smasher
Language and Tools:  Microsoft Visual studio 2010, C++
Description: A 1 player game. When user enters brick number all the adjacent bricks of same shape disappear and are replaced by new bricks.
 Online Editor
Language and Tools:  PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, Jquery
Description: It is web application which supports collaborative editing. Anyone can create and upload his documents. User can invite other online users for collaborative editing.
Language and Tools:  Eclipse, Android
Description: It is a real time online search from twitter in which user will register and add/ edit. Delete his subscription and then will be able to see his subscribed tweets.
My responsibilities: I worked on storing/displaying user interest and subscription.
 Junit Testing
Language and Tools:  NetBeans , Java Description: Soccer Tournament Simulator was given for Junit testing. By making new test classes, we have to test all the existing classes.


Languages :

  • C
  • C++
  • Java

Web technologies :

  • CSS
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • Ajax, Jquery
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Microsoft SQL Server

Mobile technologies :

  • Android

04235880007- Ext -523
Faculty of Information Technology, University of Central Punjab

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