Dr. Kanwal Zahra

Dr. Kanwal Zahra

Assistant Professor

Faculty Of UCP Business School

Kanwal Zahra did her PhD in Economics from GC University Lahore. She has thirteen years experience of teaching and research. She was also associated with Government of the Punjab and has an experience to work in different development projects of international donor agencies as an economist. She also has research publications in national and international journals. Her area of research is international economics, urban economics, governance, inequality and social exclusion

  • Microeconomics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Managerial Economics
  • Research Methods

Professional Profile

  • Highly motivated, dependable troubleshooter and problem-solver
  • Customer-focused performer, committed to quality, in every task from personal Interaction with coworkers & and users to high level of services
  • Valued contributor can performs confidently and effectively under pressure and thrives on challenge.
  • Excellent communicator and good listener.
  • Enthusiastic learner able to quickly grasps concepts and technical skills.

Education & Credentials

PhD in Development Economics

GC University, Lahore (2016)

M.Phil in Economics

GC University, Lahore (2007)

Masters in Economics

Punjab University (2004)

Professional Experience

  • UCP Business School, University of Central Punjab, Lahore
    Assistant Professor-Head Economics Department
    2010-to date

    • Micro Economics
    • Macro Economics
    • Managerial Economics
    • Research Methodology
  • Supervising
    Different MBA and M Phil Thesis
  • Urban Unit Policy and Management Unit, Lahore
    Urban Economist

    • Circle and block GIS based mapping of population census data
    • Development of GIS application of census socio-economic data
    • Poverty Mapping of Five Large Cities of Punjab by Applying Different tools and Helps in the development of GIS based poverty Maps of five large cities of Punjab.
    • Critical Analysis of government policies with reference to different issues, give recommendations to project director in accordance with policy
    • Conduct surveys, with development of questionnaire, survey monitoring, data analysis.
    • Development of city reports with special reference to their socio-economic and demographic analysis
    • Analysis of city’s spatial pattern
    • Performance analysis of different service delivery institutions (Monitoring & Evaluation)
    • Review government policies and relate them with the future projections of data to analyze their value addition in solving different socio-economic problems of a specific area.
    • Research & policy recommendation on different urban issues
    • Management of different workshops held in the department
  • Punjab College of Business Administration (PCBA), Lahore
    Adjunct Faculty Members
    Teaching research methodology and international trade and finance
  • Management & Professional Development Department (MPDD)

    • Resource Person in
      • High Achievers Development Program by Government of Punjab
  • University of Central Punjab Lahore
    2007 to 2008
    Assistant Professor

    • Taught International Trade and Finance at MS/M. Phil level having specialty in Supervising M.Phil thesis
    • Conducting different seminars and managing Research & Development Center of the University
    • Sub Editor Paradigms Journal, University of Central Punjab
  • Government Post Graduate College Gujranwala
    2005 to 2007

    • Teaching Macro Economics, International Trade and Research Methodology at post graduate level
    • Head of the “Economic Society” , taught public policy,
    • Building students capacity to review government policies by arranging different seminars

Research Contributions

Personal Research

  • Zahra, K., Tasneem, Z. (2016), Social Exclusion, Labor Market Opportunities and Urban Poverty: A Case Study of Lahore Pakistan, accepted for publication of Annual Review of PDR
  • Zahra, K., Tasneem, Z. (2015), Marginality as a Root Cause of Urban Poverty: A Case of Punjab” Annual Review of PDR, Vol. 54 (4)
  • Zahra, K., Tasneem, Z. (2015), “Marginality and Multidimensional Poverty: A case of Christian Community of Lahore, Punjab”, Pakistan Journal of Social Science and Commerce. 9 (2), 322-335.
  • Zahra, K., Majeed, K., Mahmood, A., and Asad, M. (2012). ”Impact Assessment of Community Participation in Solid Waste Management Projects in Selected Areas of Faisalabad City.” J. Urban Plann. Dev., 138(4), 319–327.
  • Zahra, K., (2011), “Poverty and Inequality in Urban Punjab: A Case Study of Five Large Cities of Punjab”, international journal of Development Economics. Vol.4.
  • Zahra K., Pervez, A., Mahmood, A. (2008) “Telecommunication Infrastructure Development and Economic Growth, A Panel Data Approach”, Pakistan Development Review, VOL: 47, NO: 4(2), 711-726
  • Zahra K., Azim A (2008), Challenges of knitwear Industry of Pakistan: a case study of three industrial cities of Punjab, Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Lahore
  • Azim, A, Hussain, H., Zahra, K. (2009), Impact Assessment of Akhuwat, A non-profit Micro-finance Institution, Joint research of UCP and Akhuwat, Lahore.
  • Zahra K., “Telecommunication Infrastructure Development and Economic Growth, A Panel Data Approach”, GC University Lahore. (Thesis)
  • Zahra. K (2009), Socio-Economic & Demographic Profile of Lahore, Gujranwala, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi and Multan The Urban Unit, P&D Department, Lahore.

Paper Submitted for Publication

  • Zahra, K., Tasneem, Z. (2016), “Marginality and Social Exclusion in Punjab,Pakistan: An Interactive Mapping Approach”, Submitted for Publication
  • Zahra, K., (2016), “Marginality, Vulnerability and Urban Poverty: A Case Study of Lahore, Pakistan”, Submitted for Publication.

Project & consultancies

  • Management Consultant for National Survey on “Social Impact Assessment of Microfinance Institutions” October, 2006 to December, 2006.
  • Developed a Comprehensive Report for British Alumni Association of Pakistan, British High Commission, Islamabad and British Council Lahore on the topic of “Human Rights, Governance and Democracy in Pakistan” March 2008 to May 2008.
  • Management Consultant for Impact Assessment of Akhuwat (2008)
  • Leading Consultant for calculation of “water Poverty Index for Three Union Council of Gadap Town, Karachi” by International Water Aid Agency.


  • A survey of Pakistan Institute of Development Economics Islamabad in Gujranwala on the Collection of Data on Judging “Price Setting Behavior of Pakistani Firms”.
  • H. H. Syed (2008-2009), Corporate Governance in Financial Sector, A Case study of Pakistan, University of Central Punjab, Lahore. (M Phil Thesis).
  • Saeed Haris (2008-09), FDI and Economic Growth in Pakistan: A Sectoral analysis, University of Central Punjab, Lahore. (M Phil Thesis).
  • Nazir. S (2008-09), Globalization and Human Resource, A case study of Pakistan, University of Central Punjab, Lahore. (M Phil Thesis).
  • Asad. M (2008-09), Socio-Economic Impact of Microfinance: A case Study of Lahore, University of Central Punjab, Lahore. (M Phil Thesis).
  • Azeem, W., (2009-2010), “The Determinants of FDI and FPI in Pakistan: A Gravity Model Approach”, University of Central Punjab, Lahore. (M Phil Thesis)
  • Asad, A., (2009-2010), “The Practice of Corporate Social Responsibility in Pakistan: An Employee Perspective”, University of Central Punjab, Lahore.
  • Umer, M., (2009-2010), “Wage and Non-Wage Amenities of teachers: A case study of Gujrat District”, University of Central Punjab, Lahore.
  • Khan, H. (2009-2010), “Socio-Economic Impact of Consumer Financing: A case study of Lahore”, University of Central Punjab, Lahore.

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