Dr. Kanwal Zahra

Dr. Kanwal Zahra

Associate Professor

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Kanwal Zahra did her PhD in Economics from GC University Lahore. She has thirteen years experience of teaching and research. She was also associated with Government of the Punjab and has an experience to work in different development projects of international donor agencies as an economist. She also has research publications in national and international journals. Her area of research is international economics, urban economics, governance, inequality and social exclusion

PhD EconomicsGC University, Lahore2016
M.Phil EconomicsGC University, Lahore2007
Masters EconomicsPunjab University 2004
Associate Professor University of Central Punjab, Lahore2020-todate
Assistant Professor University of Central Punjab, Lahore2010-2019
Urban Economist Urban Unit Policy and Management Unit, Lahore2008-2010
Visiting Trainer Management & Professional Development Department (MPDD) 2008-2010
Assistant Professor Faculty of Commerce, University of Central Punjab Lahore2007 to 2008
Lecturer Government Post Graduate College Gujranwala2005 to 2007
Adjunct Research Assistant Senior Human Rights Associate2003-2007
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