Dr. Muhammad Sarwar Ehsan

Dr. Muhammad Sarwar Ehsan

Dr. Muhammad Sarwar Ehsan

Associate Professor

Dr Muhammad Sarwar Ehsan has been working as associate professor at UCP for 3 years. His area of specialization is Signal Processing. He has work experience of 20 years. Dr. Muhammad Sarwar Ehsan has MPhil degree in electronics from Qauid-e-Azam University, Islamabad and PhD degree in electrical engineering from Graz University of Technology, Austria. His research interests include signal processing, multimedia processing, communication and information theory. He has been teaching since 1997 and worked in different institutes including GC University Lahore, Graz University of Technology Austria, COMSATS Institute Lahore and the University of Lahore. In 2014, he joined University of Central Punjab as associate professor. He has advised number of master theses in areas of signal processing and communications and has number of publications in international journals and conferences.
Areas of Interest: Multimedia processing and communication for packet networks, multimedia quality estimation and measurement, information theory, digital signal processing

  • Probability Methods for Engineers
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Advanced Digital Signal Processing (M.Sc.)
  • Random Processes in Engineering (M.Sc.)


PhD in Electrical Engineering (Graz University of Technology, Austria)


Research Projects

1.  Text Book on Digital Signal Processing
Description: Keeping in view the needs of our students, a text book on digital Signal Processing is under development. Most books written by foreign authors contain irrelevant material which makes the book voluminous and our students get scared of reading these books, therefore, the objective is to create a text according to curriculum approved by Higher Education Commission and the requirements and abilities of our students with diverse backgrounds.
2. Text Book on Probability and Statistics for Engineers
Description: Another subject of fundamental importance in all engineering disciplines. It is high time to develop an indigenous textbook catering the problems and shortcomings of our students. With a decade long experience of teaching this course both at undergraduate and graduate level, I feel a strong need of a textbook in this area.
3.  Comparison of Least Mean Square Based Techniques for Spur Cancellation in Fractional N Frequency Synthesizer
Students: Maryam Javed
Description: In this project, a digital fractional-N frequency synthesizer is implemented in matlab/SIMULINK to study the behavior of LMS based adaptive noise cancellation technique. Further different variants of LMS algorithm namely normalized LMS, sign-error LMS, sign-data LMS and sign-sign LMS are also implemented to study the comparative performance of these algorithms.
4. Aid for Deaf
Collaborators: Dr. Musharraf Hanif
Description: To assist deaf people in driving a bike, an acoustic beam-former is designed using an array of microphones. The array will be mounted on safety helmet of the biker and will prompt the biker about the incoming traffic by flashing LEDs.
5. Life Cycle Assessment and Load Management of Lead-acid Batteries
Collaborators: Dr. Ali Nasir
Description: Main objective of this project is to carry out an assessment of the life cycle of lead-acid batteries that is consistent with the ISO 14040 series. This assessment involves four phases i.e. goal and scope definition, life cycle inventory, life cycle impact assessment, and interpretation. Secondary objective is to devise ways to efficiently and effectively manage the batteries according to variable load conditions.

List of Publications

  1. Sarwar Ehsan and G. Kubin, Rate Distortion Bound for Different PLC Method in Real-Time Speech Communication” in proceeding of Measurement of Speech and Audio Quality In Networks (MESAQIN 05), held on 9-10 June 2005 in Prague, Czech Republic.
  2. Sarwar Ehsan and G. Kubin, Effect of Buffer Length on Rate-Distortion Bound of Different PLC Methods” in Proceeding of IEEE International Conference on Emerging Technologies(ICET), held on 17-18 September 2005 in Islamabad, Pakistan.
  3. Abid Ali Minhas, Christian Steger, Reinhold Weiss, and M. Sarwar Ehsan, Node failure de-tection and path repairing scheme in virtual circuit routing algorithm for wireless ad hoc micro sensor networks” in proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Emerging Technologies (ICET), held on 17-18 September 2005 in Islamabad, Pakistan, pages 86-91.
  4. Sarwar Ehsan and G. Kubin, Frame Change Ratio: A Measure to Model Short-time Sta-tionarity of Speech”, in proceeding of IEEE conference on Innovations in Information Tech-nology (IIT 06), held from 19 to 21 November 2006 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
  5. Sarwar Ehsan and G. Kubin, Maximum Entropy Playout Delay Distribution for Real-Time Speech Communication in Packet Networks”, in proceeding of IEEE International Symposium on Communication Systems, Networks and Digital Signal Processing, held on 23-25 July 2008 Graz, Austria.
  6. Franz Braeuer, M. Sarwar Ehsan and G. Kubin, Subjective Evaluation of Conversational Multimedia Quality in IP Networks”, in proceedings of IEEE International Workshop on Multimedia Signal Processing (MMSP 08), held on 8-10 October 2008 Cairns, Queensland, Australia.
  7. Sarwar Ehsan and G. Kubin, Playout Delay Calculations based on Truncated Gaussians for Internet Telephony”, in proceedings of IEEE International Conferences on Information, Communications and Signal Processing (ICICS 09), held on 8-10 December 2009, Macau, China.

Journal Papers

  1. Mehmood, M. T. Mushtaq, H. Nawaz, M. S. Ehsan, H. B. Ahmad, Simfree Communication using Rasberry Pi+ Based Basestation for Disaster Mitigation”, Vol. 49, No. 1, 195-200 (2017) Sindh University Research Journal (Science Series).
  2. Raheel Muzzammel and Muhammad Sarwar Ehsan, Forward and Inverse Problem Formu-lation of Optical Tomography Based on Equation of Radiative Transfer”, British Journal of Applied Science & Technology, 8(2):, 2015, Article no. BJAST. 2015.
  3. Nawaz, H. M. Ali, H. A. Ranjho, A. R. Lakhan, M. S. Ehsan and G. Nabi, Performance Evaluation of TDRP and EDRP for Voice and Video Services in MANET”, Vol 47, No 3 (2015): Sindh University Research Journal (Science Series)
  4. Nawaz, S. Soomro, S. H. Abbas, M. S. Ehsan, M. Y. Koondhar, “Performance Evaluation of TDRP and EDRP for Voice and Video Services in MANET” , vol 47, no 3 (2013): Sindh University Research Journal (science series)
  5. Z. Raza, M. Siddique, M. Sarwar Ehsan and Safeeullah Soomro, Implementation of Device Control Technique Using Voice Signal”, Vol 45, No 4 (2013): Sindh University Research Journal (Science Series)

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