Dr. Shafiq Ur Rehman

Dr. Shafiq Ur Rehman

Assistant Professor(Chemistry)

Faculty of Sciences

RESEARCH PUBLICATIONS, BOOKS (Starting from the most recent one)

  1.  List of publications in journals
S.# Name of Author(s) Complete Name of Journal Title of Publication Vol. & Page No. Year published Impact Factor
1 Shafiq ur Rehman, D. Shahwar, MA Raza, A saeed, F. IllyasS. Qaiser Asian J. of Chemistry Evaluation of acetylcholine esterase and protease inhibitory potential of Sonchusoleraceus, Meliaazedarach and Citrus sinesis 25 (8); 4174-4176 2013 0.329
2 S. Shahid, Shafiq ur Rehman, F.A. Quershi and A. Adnan Asian J. of Chemistry Chemotherapeutic role of Bis-3-azophenyl-4-hydroxy-6-methyl-pyran-2-one Iron(II) in chemically induced skin cancer on Albino rats 23 (12); 5315-5318 2011 0.329
3 D. Shahwar, M.A. Raza, Shafiq ur Rehman. M.A. Abbasi and Atta ur Rehman Nat. Prod. Research An investigation of phenolic compounds from plant sources as trypsin inhibitors   DOI: 10.1080/14786419.2011.559637 2011 1.828
Shafiq ur Rehman, A. Adnan, S. Shahid, F.A. Quershi, I. Ahmad and H.F. Shamsheer Asian J. of Chemistry Sorption potential of Litchi chinensis for aquousmetanil yellow solution 23 (9); 4183-4185 2011 0.329
S. Shahid ,Shafiq ur Rehman, G. Afshan,  F.A. Quershi, A. Adnan, and M..A. Raza Asian J. of Chemistry Biosorption  tendency of Cichoriumintybus for Rocelline NS in aquous solution 23 (9); 4180-4182 2011 0.329
6 D. Shahwar, M.A.Raza, Shafiq ur Rehman and T. Khan Asian J. of Chemistry Evaluation of Acetylcholine Esterase and protease inhibitory activity of scopolamine extracted from Daturainnoxia 23 (4); 1783-1785 2011 0.329
7 S. Shahid, Shafiq ur Rehman and A. Adnan African J. of Biotechnology Successful treatment of benign lesions by bis 3-azophenyl-4-hydroxy-6-methyl-pyran-2-one cobalt (II) in Albino rats 9 (43); 7388-7391 2010 0.565
8 D. Shahwar, Shafiq ur Rehman , N. Ahmad, S. Ullah and M.A. Raza African J. of Biotechnology Antioxidant activities of the selected plants from the family Euphorbiaceae, Lauraceae, Malvaceae and Balsaminaceae 9 (7); 1086-1096 2010 0.565
9 D. Shahwar, Shafiq ur Rehman and M.A. Raza J. of Medicinal Plant Research Acetyl Cholinesterase Inhibition Potential and Antioxidant activities of Ferulic Acid isolated from Impatiens bicolor Linn 4 (3); 260-266 2010 0.4
10 S. Shahid, M.A. Raza and Shafiq ur Rehman
African J. of Biotechnology Synthesis, characterization and antimicrobial potential of transition metal complexes of triacetic lactone 8 (19); 5116-5121 2009 0.565
11 M.A. Raza and Shafiq ur Rehman
African J. of Biotechnology Production and characterization of endo-β-1, 4-glucanase from thermophilic fungus 8 (14); 3297-3302 2009 0.565

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2. Conference/scientific/technical reports (Papers presented in conferences, symposia, special lectures)
International Book Publication

  1.  One article in the international book “Advances in Natural Products” entitled “Antioxidant Potencies of the essential oils of E. tereticornis, A. conyzoides and C. tenius”. Page 61-64: (2008): ISBN: 978-81-7035-530-4,  New Delhi India.

Conference Proceedings
1-    Removal of Metanil Yellow from aqueous solution by using Cichorium intybus as a biosorbent. Page 1-6: Proceeding of 1st International seminar on Medicinal Plants (2008).
2-    Removal of Metanil Yellow from aqueous solution by using Litchi chinensis as a biosorbent: Page 79-83: Proc. of 1st International Conference on Role of Chemistry for Environmental Preservation (2008).
3-    Evaluation of Cichoriumintybus as a biosorbent for the removal of dye from aqueous solution: Page 96-100: Proc. of 1st International Conferences on Role of Chemistry for Environmental Preservation (2008).
Conferences & Workshops

  1. 10th International Symposium on Natural product Chemistry, Jan 6-9, 2006 held at H.E.J Research Institute of Chemistry, University of Karachi, Pakistan  (poster presentation).
  2. International Chemistry Conference on recent advances in Chemistry,2-3 Nov. 2007 held at LCWU Lahore, Pakistan (oral presentations).
  3. 1st International seminar on medicinal plants, May 21-23 2008, held at LCWU Lahore, Pakistan (oral presentation).
  4. International Conference on role of Chemistry for Environmental preservation, June 14 2008 at Lahore, Pakistan (Two oral presentations).
  5. Statistical Techniques used in Chemistry, Training Course by Department of Chemistry, GCU Lahore held on June 27-28, 2008.
  6. Introduction to Laboratory Instrumentation, Workshop held by UVAS, Lahore, July 10-18, 2008.
  7. Crystallography, Single crystal structure determination, National workshop organized by Department of Chemistry, GCU Lahore, August 25-26, 2008.
  8. 11th International symposium on Natural Product Chemistry, OCT 28-NOV 1, 2009 held at H.E.J Research Institute of Chemistry, University of Karachi, Pakistan (One poster presentation).



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