Dr. Shazia Hasan

Dr. Shazia Hasan

Dr. Shazia Hasan

Professor, Head of Department

Dr. Shazia Hasan received her PhD from Institute of Clinical Psychology, University of Karachi in 2002. She has vast experience of teaching, administration and clinical practice (Psycho diagnosis and Psychotherapy). She served Institute of Clinical psychology for
five years, teaching and supervising at postgraduate level. She supervised PhD students during her service and worked as consultant clinical psychologist. She has worked at COMSATS Institute of Information Technology for four years before joining UCP. She was the first Head of the Department ‘Humanities’ at Lahore Campus and also Chairperson of Humanities to represent CIIT overall. She has many national and international research publications and also presented her work at national and international conferences. Her major areas of research are clinical disorders (etiology, symptoms and treatment).

  • Psychodiagnosis & Assessment I
  • Psychodiagnosis & Assessment II
  • MS Clinical Placement III
  • MS Clinical Psychology Thesis Supervisor

Academic Qualification

PhD Clinical Psychology                                               Karachi University/ Oct 2002
M Phil clinical Psychology                                            Karachi University/ Oct 1999
Post-Magisterial Diploma                                             Karachi University/1997
In clinical Psychology
Masters of Science Psychology                                    Punjab University/Sep 1995
Bachelors of Arts                                                             Punjab University/Feb 1993


National Publications:
One book research article publication
Hassan,S.,Moosa,E.,&Perveen,N.(2010).Females perception of workplace sexual harassment experience and its relation with job satisfaction. In S.Munaf, Pakistani Women: Psychological and social issues, Selected Research Papers,(pp.141-144).Institute of Clinical Psychology, University of Karachi-Pakistan.(ISBN-978-969-8883-02-7).(HEC Approved).
Journal research article Publication:

  1. Hasan, S., Munaf,S., (2006).Effects of Employment on mothers and Their Children After Disruption of the Family. Pakistan Journal of Clinical Psychology, 5(1&2), 85-98. ).(HEC Approved).
  2. Ali, U., Hasan,S.,& Shabbir,.(2006).Emotional Indicators of Juvenile Delinquents and non-Delinquents on human figure drawing test. Pakistan Journal of Clinical Psychology, 5, (1&2), 43-56. ).(HEC Approved).
  3. Ali, U., Hasan,S.,& Ahmad, U. (2006) Effects of Birth Order on the Anger among adolescents: A Comparative study of First and second born. Pakistan Journal of Psychology, 37( 1),53-62. ).(HEC Approved).
  4. Munaf,S., Hasan, S.(2005)Parental divorce and psychological well being of children. Pakistan Journal of Psychology, 36, (2), 3-10 )(HEC Approved).
  5. Ali, U., Hasan,S. (2010). The Effectiveness of Relaxation Therapy in the Reduction of Anxiety Related Symptoms (A Case Study) International Journal of Psychological Studies.2 (2). (ULRICH).
  6. Hasan, S.,&Fatima,w.(2011).Level of stress  and depression among mothers of children suffering from cancer. Pakistan journal of Clinical Psychology,10(1),53-65 (ISSN 1019-438X). ).(HEC Approved).
  7. Hasan, S., U,Ali., Shaheen, A. (2011)  Prevalance of Personality Disordres during the Year 2003-2009 at Institute of Clinical Psychology,University of Karachi. Journal of Professional Psychology. 9(1) 27-46 (ISSN-1816-0840). ).(HEC Approval in process).
  8. Hasan, S., Rauaf, U. (2014) Emotional Problems in Hyperactive and non Hyperactive Children with Intellectual disability,Journal of Professional Psychology.
  9. B,N, Begum., Hasan, S( 2014) Psychological Problems in Women with Infertility.Journal of Pakistan Medical Association. Vol. 64, No. 11. (1287; 2014)
  10. Hasan S., Nadir,R.,(2014) Personality Traits, Satisfaction with Fairness of Performance-Based Incentive (PBI) System and Research Performance of Teachers in a Public University of Pakistan. DOI : 10.9734/BJESBS/2015/9622
  11. Imam,A., Hasan,S (2015). Psychological empowerment and engagement resulting in job satisfaction of employees working in service industry of Pakistan. Int ,27(3),2695-2702
  12. Sarwar, F., Hasan. S(2015) Impact of Expectancy Based Dispositional Traits of Self Efficacy and Optimism on Job Satisfaction among University Faculty Members: Mediating role of Affective Organizational Commitment International Journal of Business and Social Science.Manuscript ID: 15810 Accepted for publication.
  13. Hasan,S.,Fatima,M (2017) Factors affecting the academic performance of university students residing in student housing facility. Khazer Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences ( Paper accepted)
  14. R., Hasan,S(2017) Effectiveness of cognitive behavior therapy and Psychotropic Medicine on Depression and Psychological Well Being..Khazer Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences ( Paper accepted)

International Conference Publication

  1. Paper published 117:Organizational Culture And Its Effects on Job Satisfaction and Job Commitment of University Teachers 2012 Hong Kong International Conference on Education, Psychology and Societys
  2. The role of religiosity on suicide among depressed patients” in proceedings of 2nd international conference on behavioral, cognitive and Psychological sciences BCPS on 26-27 Nov 2011 Maldives
  3. Hasan,S., Waseem, F( 2010)level of stress and depression among mothers of children suffering from cancer. Howard, S., & Hughes, B. M. (2010). STAR 2010–31st World Conference on Stress and Anxiety Research:Book of Abstracts. Galway, Ireland: CROLS, NUI Galway
  4. International publication, abstracts from the 2nd IASSID Asia Pacific Regional Conference Singapore, June 24-27, 2009 in Journal and Practice in   Intellectual Disabilities, 6, (2), 2009.
  5. International Publication in proceedings of First Asian International Conference on Human and Social development held on12th -14th Nov 2005 in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia entitled “Psychological Reactions to Divorce of Divorced Women and Their Children in subtitle of Health Issues.

Funded Research Rewards

  • One funded research project by Institute of Clinical Psychology, University of Karachi, unpublished entitled research and ethical principals and writing styles.
  • One research project under progress funded by Institute of Clinical Psychology University of Karachi. Entitled Psychological Problems: A Comparative Study of Orphan and Homeless Children

Research Paper presentations in International and national Conferences

  • Research paper presented Executive Functions of children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder with Average Intelligence Level in Rome 2014: Int’l Conference for Academic Disciplines
  • Paper published 117:Organizational Culture And Its Effects on Job Satisfaction and Job Commitment of University Teachers 2012 Hong Kong International Conference on Education, Psychology and Societys
  • Research paper presented the role of religiosity on suicide among depressed patients” in 2nd international conference on behavioral, cognitive and Psychological sciences BCPS on 26-27 Nov 2011 Maldives.
  • Research Paper presented in International Conference IASSID 2nd Asia Pacific Regional Congress creating Possibilities for an Inclusive Society Singapore, 24th to 27th June 2009, entitled Emotional Indicators on human figure Drawing Test of Intellectually Disabled  Children
  • Paper presented in Ninth International Conference on “Parental Divorce and Psychological Well Being of Children ” arranged by Pakistan Association of Clinical Psychology (PACP) on May 27th -28th, 2006 at Lahore Pakistan.
  • Paper presented at  national conference on Gender issues in 20th century in Pakistan entitled “Depression in Adolescents in Relation to Gender and socioeconomic Level” arranged by Centre For Clinical Psychology, Punjab University

Peer Group Review

Being member of editorial board since last year review article before publication in Pakistan Journal of Psychology Institute of clinical Psychology University of Karachi.


  • Participatated in traning arranged by Higher education Commission’ Training of Trainners Nov 2010 Lahore.
  • Conducted one day workshop in Institute of Professional Psychology, Behria University Karachi on Learning Disabilities for students of diploma in Clinical Psychology 2009.
  • Lectured as a guest speaker in the course of Introduction to management on job satisfaction was delivered on 4th October 2007 at Muhammad Ali Jinnah University Karachi Pakistan.
  • Participated in training workshop held by Government of Pakistan Higher Education Commission Islamabad. Started from 23rd to 24th May 2006. “Workshop on Building Capacity for Research Training.
  • Participated in Training workshop arrange by Government of Pakistan, Higher Education Commission Islamabad Pakistan. Started from 22nd to 26th November 2006.Workshop on Research supervisor Course.
  • Presentation given on Personal selection and test development at SUPARCO headquarter on behalf of Institute of clinical Psychology, University of Karachi on January 23, 2006.
  • Presentation related to career counseling ,Guidance and its nature at Institute of Clinical Psychology, University of Karachi in collaboration with officials of Sindh Public Service Commission on behalf of Institute of clinical Psychology, University of Karachi.
  • Conducted two days workshop as a resource person for teachers arranged by Anti Narcotics Force, Sindh on 3-4 May 2006 at Regional Directorate Anti Narcotics Force, Sindh Karachi Pakistan.
  • Two days workshop conducted on Projective techniques at Frontier Women University Peshawer Pakistan arranged under HEC-BC linkage program.
  •  Participated in six days Gender Training arranged by Srahad Rural Support Program Peshawar Pakistan, from 28th April to 2nd May 2003.
  • Participated in Trauma Psychology Course arranged by University of Missouri, Columbia International; Medical and Education Trust, from Nov 24-261998.
  • Training on Child Sexual abuse arranged by Bedari NGO Islamabad 26-27 March 1997


Presently working as associate Prof and Head of Department Psychology at University of central Punjab Lahore Pakistan

  • Teaching at graduate  level students ( MS Clinical Psychology)
  • Research based activities
  • Supervision of research projects
  • Working as external examiner for evaluation of research thesis
  • Providing guidance to faculty regarding teaching and research
  • Managing educational and administrative issues at departmental level
  • Ensuring quality assurance procedures at departmental level.
  • Acting as external examiner for thesis evaluation and viva voce.
  • Supervising MS Clinical Psychology placements cases
  • Member UCP doctoral committee to evaluate PhD synopsis before submission to Board of Advanced studies
  • Member of Board of studies Psychology department, Member Academic Council UCP
  • Preparation and presentation of road maps for under graduate and graduate level courses

Worked as Associate Professor, Chairperson department of Humanities Comsats Instiute of information technology, Head department of Humanities COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Lahore Campus Pakistan ( January 2010-March 2014)

  • Teaching at graduate and undergrad level students
  • Research and other forms of scholarly activities
  • Managing educational and administrative issues at departmental level
  • Participation in the democratic processes of the institution
  • Participation in quality assurance procedures.
  • To motivate faculty to use new and innovative methods of teaching
  • Research supervision of PhD students
  • Acting as external examiner for thesis evaluation and viva voce.


  • Working on research projects and papers
  • Research paper presentation on national and international conferences
  • Publishing papers in national and international journals


  • Convening Board of studies of Humanities to approve new programs at all campuses of Comsats Institute of Information Technology.
  • Coordination with inter departmental and intra departmental committees for smooth functioning of campus level activities
  • Responsible for departmental and campus level academic and administrative developmental projects.
  • To provide consultancy in academic and administrative related issues of the department.
  • Planning and designing of seminars training and other extracurricular activities on   Campus level.

Work experience at Institute of Clinical Psychology, university of Karachi from February 2005 to October 2009 as senior research officer and assistant Professor.
Twenty four teaching research and clinical hours per week including

  • Psychotherapy classes
  • M Phil internship supervisions classes
  • Diploma Internship supervision classes
  • Diploma research supervision classes
  •  Case conference
  • Intake registration duty
  • Didactic analysis of PhD students
  • Three PhD students and one M Phil students enrolled under supervision
  • Planning, supervising, and conducting researches at Institute level.
  • Supervising M Phil / PhD students for their dissertations.
  • Working as an editorial board member and doing the evaluation of research paper for Publication.
  • Representing Institution as a resource person by giving lectures and arranging workshops in different organizations.
  • Other than duty hours practicing privately as a clinical psychologist as per permission assigned to the psychologists of the institute of clinical psychology university of Karachi (Psycho diagnosis and psychotherapy with mentally disturbed patients.

Worked at AZIM HOSPITAL Sialkot Cantt Punjab Pakistan as a Clinical Psychologist from January 2004 to November 2004.

  • Psychological assessment, counseling and psychotherapy.
  • Individual therapy to adults with minor and sever psychological disorder.
  • Marital counseling, family therapy, career counseling and parental counseling to the parents of the children with behavior problems.
  • Dealing with children disorders of the childhood and infancy.
  • Counseling to drug addicts and their families.
  • Basic self help skills to mentally retarded children.

Taught at Government Murray College Sialkot  Punjab Pakistan as a visiting faculty from 1st January 2002 to 5th March 2004.

  • Teach two subjects including child psychology and psychopathology  to post graduate students
  • Prepare and deliver lectures to students and conduct group discussion
  • Advise students on course and academic matters and career decisions about higher studies.
  • Supervising and guiding students in their internship with patient of psychological disorders, mental retardation, marital therapy and child behavioral Problems
  • Worked as external examiner in higher secondary school board Gujranwala Punjab Pakistan.

Worked at Punjab Rural Support Programme, Sialkot Pakistan (PRSP) as a PO HRD from June 2001 to September 2003.

  • Identification, development and Training Need Assessment (TNA)profile of the participating villages.
  • Identification of the training needs of PRSP/PPAF Regional staff.
  • Reporting to Head office on all training activities and related information.
  • Assisting in compilation and development of training material in HRD (Curriculum Development)
  • Facilitate training of village specialist.
  • Assisting in preparation of the regional sectoral plans for HRD
  • Studying the utilizing of skills
  • Preparation of regional project proposals for HRD components of the program including R&D activities.
  • Monitoring of all HRD activities

Linkages with other Agencies/ NGO.  Identification NGDO and other agencies which are involved in development activities (including gender and development).

  • Assist in establishment of collaborative linkages between development research institution and agencies and Head office.
  • Liaise between Head/Regional office and local training institution on continuous basis.
  • Responsible for collection of information on media coverage in region and report to head office on weekly basis.
  • Responsible for making monthly and Quarterly reports about HRD activities to Head office.

Gender and Development:

  • Development intervention for gender sensitivities and perspective based on guidance from head office
  • Worked at SOS Children’s Village Karachi Pakistan as a Psychologist from 1st Feb 2000 to 10th Feb 2001.


  • Examine and assess behavior, diagnose behavioral, emotional and cognitive disorders, counsel children and provide therapy
  • Help children manage psychological disorders and adjustment and school problems.
  • Counsel children and their groups to achieve more effective personal, social and vocational development and adjustment.
  • Use standard psychological tests for assessment of school achievement, intelligence level, psychological disorders and interpersonal relationships.
  • Plan intervention programs and conduct program evaluation after assessment of the children to overcome or improve their problems.
  • Conduct counseling sessions with the teachers appointed at SOS village for guiding students after their school time for assistance in their school work, to address their specific areas of strengths and weaknesses.
  • Counseling sessions with the House Mothers (women who are appointed to fulfill their daily needs) that how they can help these children in the house through behavioral management.
  • Final feed back and discussion with the director to improve the environment of the organization on policy level for these children’s healthy and positive growth of their personalities.

042-35880007 Ext: 412
Faculty of Psychology, University of Central Punjab

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