Dr. Snober Javid

Dr. Snober Javid

Assistant Professor


Dr. Snober Javid has completed her PhD in Financial Management from Dongbei University of Finance and Economics, P.R. China. Her doctoral research is on Assessment of Working Capital Management on SME’s Performance in Pakistan. She got cultural exchange scholarship from HEC and also got CSC scholarship. She has ten years’ teaching and research experience. She also served as full time faculty member in Sardar Bahadur khan Woman University and BUITEMS Quetta. She published her research work in different Isnternational and national journals.

PhDFinancial ManagementDongbei University of Finance and Economics, Dalian, China2014
MBA Finance University of Balochistan Quetta, Pakistan.2014
Masters of Sciences MathematicsUniversity of Balochistan Quetta, Pakistan.2008
Assistant ProfessorUniversity of Central Punjab 2014 to Present
LecturerSardar Bahadhur Khan Women’s University Quetta, Balochistan, Pakistan2009 - 2014
Visiting LecturerUniversity of Balochistan2007 - 2009
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