Ms. Ayesha Kashif

Ms. Ayesha Kashif

Ms. Ayesha Kashif

Assistant Professor

Ayesha Kashif completed MS Clinical Psychology from University of Central Punjab, Lahore and M. Sc. Psychology from Govt. College University, Lahore. She is currently serving at UCP as Assistant Professor of Psychology in FASS. She has received her academic training from Kinnaird College Lahore. She has vast experience of teaching and training in different financial and educational institutions of Lahore. She has also worked in different hospitals as Clinical Psychologist (Psycho diagnosis and psychotherapy) Moreover she has also work experience in the field of vocational and student counseling. She is also the creator of UCP Dramatics Club, which has always gained the top positions in different competitions held by HEC and other institutions including Govt. of the Punjab. Her area of interest in research is mainly geriatric depression.

  • Behavioural Therapy
  • Psychological Assessment II
  • Experimental Psychology


To treat and provide research on the people who have psychological disorders or emotional difficulties; on human behavior and how people think, and to provide effective clinical treatment in a compassionate, appropriate way. Moreover to teach my students effectively for the management of mental health issues and contribute positively towards the promotion of psychological wellbeing in the society.


2002 to Date,   University of Central Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan.
Assistant Professor / Clinical Psychologist:
It has been more than one decade with UCP as Asst. Prof. and Clinical Psychologist. Dedication to work has led to the status of most favorite professors of the university, which is reflected by students’ feedback in almost every semester.
Worked in different hospitals of Lahore as Clinical Psychologist. Moreover also has vast work experience in the field of vocational and student counseling in the management of psychological and emotional issues of youth.
Other duties include:

  • Students Counseling & Guidance:

Counseling is the core competence; due to which numerous students’ general motivation has become immensely enhanced. This resulted in life changing sessions, leading them to be more productive and good human beings; adding great value for institution and society.

  • Patron & Creator of the leading club of the university “Dramatics Club”

It has always gained the top positions in different performing arts competitions held by HEC and other institutions including Govt. of the Punjab.

  • Psychotherapy of Anxiety, Stress, OCD & Depression amongst students, faculty and staff.


  • Organized numerous international level events including “Youth Performing Arts Festival” in collaboration with “Rafi Peer Theater”, invited and managed teams from all across the globe.
  • Headed numerous donation campaigns for flood and earthquake victims, invited known celebrities.
    • Helped numerous victims; which improved University’s reputation.


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  • Is it more important “to love or to be loved?”, World Times Magazine Aug 2010
  • Depression More Frequent in Women, Chef Special, Volume-I, and Issue IX
  • Over Eating & Stress, Chef Special, Volume-I, and Issue X (Feb 2011)
  • Relationship break-ups, World Times Magazine Mar 2011
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1995 to 2002,   CitiBank N.A.   Lahore, Pakistan
National MIS Officer & Training Coordinator,   (March 2000 to Aug 2002)
Key Achievements & Responsibilities:

  • Initiating Training Programs, facilitation of Knowledge building and sharing
  • Development of Crisis Monitoring information.
  • Service layout Management/Customer Flow & Anxiety Control.

Collection’s Supervisor,   (Jan 1995 to March 2000)
Key Achievements & Responsibilities:

  • Troubleshooting Customer Issues.
  • Team Building & Training.

Value Additions:
Contributed numerous Training Modules to CitiBank N.A. Including:

  • Stress Management
  • Effective Communication Skills and Time Management
  • CACS Training Manuals for Officers & Supervisors
  • Relationship Building


Qualification Passing Year, Institution CGPA / Division
MS (Clinical Psychology) 2016,   University of Central Punjab Lahore CGPA (3.59)
M.Sc. (Psychology) 1995,   Government College Lahore 1st
B.A 1991,   Kinnaird College Lahore 1st
F.A 1989,   Kinnaird College Lahore 1st
Matric 1987,   Cathedral School Lahore 1st

Other Skills

Capability of project management, seminar and workshop conduction, and counseling has been area of expertise.
Assessing, Delegating, Reporting and Coordinating techniques can easily be recognized through frequent additional projects that have been handled joyfully while keeping them cost efficient.
042-35880007 Ext: 212
Faculty of Psychology, University of Central Punjab

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