Ms. Hadia Awan

Ms. Hadia Awan

Dean, Faculty of Law

Hadia Awan is a law graduate and an-ex. Judge. She is serving as Principal Punjab Law College, Lahore for the last eleven years. Now she is Dean UCPLC Lahore. She is an LL.M from London University. Currently she is doing Ph.D in “Peace & Conflict Studies” from National Defence University, Islamabad. She was appointed as Principal, Punjab Law College in 2006. Throughout her tenure she has taken many initiatives which contributed towards the acknowledgement of the institution as one of the most prestigious institutions in the field of legal education. She is a visiting lecturer at Federal Judicial Academy, Islamabad, Punjab Judicial Academy, Lahore, and MPDD Lahore. She was selected by the British Council for the “Law Teaching & Legal Research Methodology” program held at Wales, Cardiff, UK in September 2004. She was again selected by US Consulate for the “US State Leadership Program” in January, 2006. She is an accredited mediator, teacher and the advocacy skills trainer by the U.K. & U.S. respectively.


  • Dean, Faculty of Law, University of Central Punjab, Lahore
  • Ex Judge, Teaching, Research, extending over a period of fifteen years
  • Certified Trainer for Skills Training under the auspicious British Council Lahore
  • Certified mediator & trainer under the auspicious of American Consulate
  • Recipient of several awards such as ‘Award Par Excellence’, ‘Best teacher of the year’ by the college



Punjab Law College, Lahore (2006-2017)



Civil Judge Cum Judicial Magistrate, Lahore (1999-2001)


visiting faculty

Punjab Judicial Academy, Lahore. (2010- till date)

visiting faculty

federal Judicial Academy, Islamabad. (2008- till date)

visiting faculty

MPDD Officer’s Academy (2003-till date)

Associate Dean

Pakistan College of Law, Lahore (Sep, 2002- 2006)

Assistant Professor

Pakistan College of Law, Lahore (Sep, 2000- 2002)

Visiting Lecturer

BETS British Education & Training Skills (Oct, 2000)

Assistant Professor

Pakistan College of Law, Lahore (1996-1998)


Punjab Law College, Lahore (1994-1995)


Started at Law College following new short courses along with regular curriculum (2006-till date)

  • Women laws in Pakistan
  • Gender discrimination and its effects
  • Feminist jurisprudence
  • Human trafficking
  • Refugee laws in Pakistan
  • Humanitarian laws
  • Cyber laws
  • IP rights
  • Juvenile justice system
  • Advocacy Skills training

Seminars/ Workshops Organized

  1. (22nd Jan 16) Seminar on ‘Role of NGOs in Community Development’’ at Punjab Law College, Lahore
  2. (4th Mar 15) Seminar on ‘21st Amendment & Establishment of Military Courts’ at Punjab Law College, Lahore
  1. (12th Dec 12) Seminar on ‘Counter Narcotics’ at Punjab Law College, Lahore
  2. (26th Sep 12) Seminar on ‘Celebrating The Entrepreneurial Spirit’ at PC organized
    • by Women Entrepreneurs Section, Trade Development Authority of Pakistan
  1. (2nd Apr 12) Seminar on ‘Legal Ethics’ at Punjab Law College, Lahore in collaboration with Punjab Bar Council.
  1. (13th Jan 12) Seminar on ‘Humanitarian Intervention with particular reference to Libya’ at Punjab Law College, Lahore
  1. (May 11) Seminar on ‘Peace & Tolerance’ at LFP Lahore Chapter.
  1. (11th Dec 10) Seminar on ‘Violence against women’ at Punjab Law College, Lahore
  1. (Oct 2009) Seminar on ‘Role of Leadership for Future of Pakistan’ at Punjab Law College, Lahore
  1. (5th Apr 08) Seminar on ‘Intellectual Property Law’ at Punjab Law College, Lahore
  1. (14th Feb 08) Seminar on ‘Environmental Laws’ at Punjab Law College, Lahore in collaboration with Punjab Environment Protection Department
  1. (13th Feb 08) Workshop on ‘Environmental Laws’ at Punjab Law College, Lahore
  1. (7th Feb 08) Workshop on ‘The role of SECP in winding up’ at Punjab Law College, Lahore
  1. (8th Jan 08) Workshop on ‘Road Safety’ under Traffic Education Program of Traffic Police, Lahore
  1. (11th Dec 07) Seminar on ‘Human Rights’ in collaboration with White Ribbon Campaign, Pakistan
  1. (2nd Apr 07) A lecture on career counseling by Dr. Ijaz, Director Operations, Consortium of British Universities, Pakistan.
  1. (1sr Apr 07) Seminar on Role of Lawyer
  1. (24th Mar 07) Law Moot; Criminal Law on Murder Trial performed by the students of final year, judged by a renowned criminal lawyer Mr. Afzal Siddiqui, Organized by Mr. Muhammad Aurangzeb Daha, Advocate High Court and adjunct Faculty Member
  1. (17th Mar 07) Seminar on Domestic Violence by Marylin Mornington, District Judge, Yorkshire Court, UK
  1. 17th Mar 07)Seminar by Mr. Waqas Dar, Director, Law, Country Litigation Head, SECP, Lahore
  1. (Feb – Mar 2007) A series of Seminars on “Women Protection Laws”.
  1. (13th Feb 07) Seminar on ‘Rule of Law’ by Bryn D. Hunt, Principal Officer of American Consulate
  1. (3rd Feb 07) Workshop on Guardian and Wards Act conducted by Mrs. Noreen Jaffry
  1. (Feb 2007) Seminar on Women’s rights by White Ribbon, an NGO
  • Seminar on ‘Intellectual Property Laws’
  • Video Conference at University of Health Science, Lahore
  • Workshop on ‘Trade Remedial Laws’ at Punjab University, Lahore
  • Workshop on ‘IP Laws’ at LCCI
  • Workshop on ‘Terrorism’ at US Consulate, Lahore
  • Workshop on ‘Human Rights’ at British High Commission and Canadian Education Program
  1. (Apr 2007) Visit of SECP arranged by Punjab Law College
  1. (7th Apr 07) Visit of Sessions court conducted by Punjab Law College for the students of final year accompanied by the faculty
  1. (Jan 2007) Workshop on IP Laws by Research Society of International Law at a Corporate Law Firm ABS & Co.
  1. (Dec-05 – Feb-06) Nominated by the US Consulate for the 12th ‘US State Leadership Program’ sponsored by the State Department of United States of America
  1. (Nov 2005) Held training at Islamabad under the auspices of British Council for ‘law teaching and legal research methodologies’
  1. (Oct 2005) Held training at Lahore under the auspices of British Council for ‘law teaching and legal research methodologies’
  1. (Mar 2005) Guest Speaker at LUMS for the training of business executives
  1. (Sep-Nov 2004) Six weeks training at Cardiff Law School, Wales, UK on ‘law teaching and legal research methodologies’
  1. (Feb 2004) Seminar at Lahore arranged by Asia Foundation and ORE
  1. (Dec 2003) Seminar at Islamabad arranged by Asia Foundation and ORE
  1. (July 2003) Conducted Group Work at Two Days National Literacy Seminar at NIPA with Collaboration of MPO and DFID
  1. (Jun 2003) Working as Accredited Trainer with Collaboration of Bar Of England and Wales and British Council Lahore
  1. (Mar 24th 2003) Conducted Third Workshop as Group Leader for Legislative Proposals for Gender Sensitization
  1. (Feb 23rd 2003) Conducted Second Workshop as Group Leader for Legislative Proposals for Gender Sensitization
  1. (Feb 2003) Conducted Workshop on Gender Sensitization as Group Leader for Legislative Proposals for Gender Sensitization
  1. (Feb 2003) National Seminar on Gender Sensitization at Lahore College University with Collaboration of ADB, MPO, MPDD & DFID; Participated as a resource person & read concept paper on the sub. Theme of ‘Legislative measures to safeguard women rights and promote gender sensitization’
  1. (Feb 3rd 2003) Participated as Trainer in the Training for executives at LUMS
  1. (Jan 17th 2003) PSL training for ‘Gender Sensitization’ at Lahore Grammar School
  1. (Dec 10th 2002) Provincial seminar on new strategy of government of Pakistan; ‘saving mothers in Pakistan’
  1. (Sep 18th 2002) National Seminar on ‘Productivity enhancement through public-private sector linkage’
  1. (Apr 2002) Five days Advocacy skills training of trainers under the auspices of British Council Lahore
  1. (Apr 2001) Workshop on ‘Technology and Law in 2001’ conducted by Prof. J.T. Philipsborn from U.S.A.
  1. (Mar 2001) Read paper ‘The Myth & Reality’ in conference, Re-Conceptualizing the Gender Issue in Pakistan arranged by Pakistan College of Law on the arrival of Honourable Carole Hellar Lt. Governor of South Dakota U.S.A.
  1. (Mar 2001)Workshop on Skills Training conducted by Prof. Nick Olley & John Stanford from The School of Law London & Wales, UK
  1. (Jan 2001) Workshop on International Trade Laws conducted by Prof. Raj Bhala from The George Washington University School of Law
  1. (Nov 2000) Attended International Islamic Conference in Lahore
  1. (1999-2000) Two weeks extensive workshop at American Consulate, Lahore on ‘Mediation’ under American Scholars & got merit certificate
  1. (1999-2000) Two days workshop on ‘Mediation’ at Lahore High Court, Lahore & got merit certificate
  1. (1999-2000) Three days workshop at American Consulate on ‘Court Management’
  1. (1999-2000) Two Audio visual programs on ‘Mediation’ at American consulate
  1. (1998-99) Seminar at Federal Judicial Academy, Islamabad on ‘Juvenile Justice’ & got merit certificate
  1. (1998-99) Training as a Judge at Federal Judicial Academy Islamabad & got merit certificate
  1. (1997-99) Arranged Seminar for Human Rights, Court Management, Bench & Bar relationships & several other research topics
    • Arranged book reviews at College in ‘Study Circle’


PhD Candidate

National Defence University, Islamabad (2001-till date)


University of London (2007)


Qualified PCS Judicial as Civil Judge Cum Judicial Magistrate class – I (1998-2000)

M.A Political Science

Qualified M.A Political Science, overall 3rd position in the University (1998-1999)


Qualified CSS Examination (1997-98)


Qualified LL.B with distinction, 1st amongst female student in the Punjab University (1994)


Qualified F.E.L Examination with distinction, Topped Punjab University Recipient of Merit Scholarship in Law College (Studied at the Punjab Law College) (1989-90)

Bachelors of Science

Qualified Bachelors of Science with Botany & Chemistry as Majors (1985-88)


Qualified Intermediate with Pre-Medical Group & got Merit Scholarship (1982-1984)


Qualified Matriculation with Science Group & stood First in the School (1981-82)


  • Advocacy Skills Trainings
  • Trainings for Gender Sensitization
  • Training & Awareness on Workplace Harassment
  • Running an NGO “GAWA” for gender & women awareness.
  • Running a free “Law Clinic” for legal aid & awareness.


  • English
  • Urdu,
  • Punjabi
  • Basic Arabic

Research And Conference Papers

  • (2016) Mataa-ut- Talaq, Leaving with Grace (Under Preparation)
  • (2016) The Issue of Surrogate Child in Pakistan (Under Prepation0
  • (2015) ‘Shah Bano’ and its Implications
  • (2014) A win-win resolve
  • (2013) Republican Interdependence
  • (2012) Judiciary and the Issue of Gender Bias at National Judicial Conference, Islamabad
  • (2011) Strengthening the Legal Education System at National Judicial Conference, Islamabad
  • (2010) The Tale and Trail of Legal Education
  • (2008) Research paper on ‘Halala Revisited’
  • (2008) The Bargaining Parlance
  • (Oct 2004) Research paper at Cardiff Law School ‘Could UK do with the Unconscionability Legislation’
  • (Feb 2004) Research paper on the concept and application of consideration, ‘what makes words worth’
  • (Feb 2004) Seminar paper on ‘Legislation for women in Pakistan’ arranged by Asia Foundation and ORE
  • (Sep 2003) TRAINEE’S AID for Advocacy Skills Training program conducted with collaboration of Bar of England and Wales with the help of British Council, Lahore
  • (Feb 2003) Seminar Paper on the sub theme of ‘legislative measures to safeguard women rights & promote gender sensitization’
  • (1999-till date) Working as associate with Mr. Justice Khalil-ur-Rehman for ‘Falah Foundation’
  • (Mar 2001 till date) Working on ‘Work Place Harassment’
  • (Mar 2001) Conference Paper on sexual harassment ‘The Myth & Reality’
  • (Jan 2001) Research paper on ‘E-commerce is threatened by Unconscionability’
  • (1999-2000) Research paper on ‘Minor’s discretion in contractual relationships’
  • (1997-98) Paper written for Constitutional Conference arranged by Lahore High Court, Lahore ‘Judicial Constitutionalism’


Law & Material

Compiling Case Law & Material on the Law of Contracts (Under Preparation) (Sep 2015 till date)

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