Ms. Momina Nayyer

Ms. Momina Nayyer

Ms. Momina Nayyer


She did her MS in clinical Psychology from Government College University, Lahore. She conducted her MS research on Relationship between Depression, social anxiety, and borderline personality disorder with attachment styles. She has work experience in the field of psychology as Lecturer, Clinical Psychologist and student counselor. Her research interests include academic performance, emotional difficulties, work-life balance and productivity among university students.

  • MS Clinical Placement I
  • MS Clinical Placement III
  • Cross Cultural Psychology
  • Mental Health and Psychopathology II


  • To pursue my career in teaching Clinical Psychology as well as enhance and polish my clinical skills.
  • To be a part of prestigious educational center to promote awareness of psychological themes and get attached to highly professional academicians.

Professional Experience

  • Working as a permanent lecturer, Psychology in Psychology Department UCP since 2013.
  • Visiting Lecturer of MPhil-Psychology Lahore Garrison University, Lahore (October 2012- February 2013)
  • Visiting Lecturer of Bs- Psychology, University of Central Punjab ( October 2012- February 2013)
  • Visiting Lecturer of BBA- Faculty of Management sciences University of Central Punjab ( October 2012- February 2013)
  • Visiting Lecturer of Bs- Information Technology University of Central Punjab ( February 2012- June 2012)
  • Placement Supervisor Ms Clinical Psychology  GCU (October 2011- march 2012)
  • Visiting Lecturer Clinical Psychology Department GCU. (October2011- March 2012)

Academic Qualification

  • 2009-2011 MS Clinical Psychology (CGPA 3.33)
    Department of Clinical Psychology, GCU
    Research conducted: Relationship between Borderline Personality disorder, Social anxiety and depression with attachment styles.
  • 2006-2008 Sc Psychology (CGPA 3.00)
    Applied Psychology Department, GCU
    Research Conducted: Personality Profile and demographic characteristics of drug abusers and non-abusers.

Clinical Experience

Have clinical experience of different psychiatry and settings in different government hospitals, e.g. Mayo Hospital Lahore, Fountain House, and Services Hospital Lahore.
Have exposure of counseling university and school students.

Clinical Skills

Psychological assessment and intervention in the area of Child Psychology, Adult Psychology, School Psychology and student counselling.

Assessment skills

Assessment through direct observation, Psychometrics, Projective testing and other testing.

Management/ Intervention Skills

Intervene using the techniques from Behavior therapy, Cognitive Behavior therapy and Rational Emotive therapy.

Research Supervision

Supervised research of the following:

  • BS- Psychology on “musical preferences and its relationship with personality traits”
  • BS- Psychology on “mental wellbeing of under privileged children”.
  • BS- Psychology Relationship between religiosity and vulnerability to depressive symptomatology among university students.”
  • BS-Psychology Religious Orientation and Coping Styles between Muslim and Christian University Students.
  • Bs-Psychology relationship between personality types and beliefs towards complementary and alternative medicines.
  • BS-Psychology- relationship between emotional intelligence and creativity among university population.


During the course of Ms, workshops were organized and presented

  1. Workshop was conducted on “Behavior modification for classroom management: in fountain house. Different behavioral modification techniques were presented to teachers of mentally handicapped children.
  2. Workshop was held on “ITP development and behavioral modification” in Shadaab School for mentally challenged students.
  3. Arranged and presented workshop on “classroom behavioral management, bullying and teaching strategies” in a mainstream schools. Difference scenarios and strategies were discussed with schoolteachers.


  • Ms Office
  • Presentation and communication skills
  • Administrative skills
042-35880007 Ext: 513
Faculty of Psychology, University of Central Punjab

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