Syed Saqlain Haider

Syed Saqlain Haider

Syed Saqlain Haider

Lab Instructor

I have done my Bachelors in computer science from University of Central Punjab. My field of interest is computer vision and robotics, currently doing research on autonomous aerial vehicles like Quad-copter and fixed wing gliders.

Introduction to Computing


University of Central Punjab, Lahore
Bachelors in Computer Science (Accredited with HEC)
Punjab College, Lahore
Intermediate in Pre-Engineering
Govt. High School Manga Mandi
Major in Biology, Math, Physics, Chemistry


Senior Design Project
Autonomous Flying Robot for surveillance
To build a security system with a flying robot that will move in a particular environment for surveillance.
Jail Management System
To make web based system that manage the record of jails and related data of criminals.
Wirelessly Controlled Robotic Car With
To build a micro-controller based car that was controlled wirelessly and perform multiple tasks.
Mobile Based University Notification Portal
Developed an android based mobile notification portal of university that was used to send and receive notifications from university to concerned people.
Random Small Project
In addition to the above mentioned projects worked on other small term based projects.


  • Database
  • Programming
  • Robotic Operating System
  • Robotic Simulators
  • Software testing
  • Web development
  • Computer Vision
Faculty of Information Technology, University of Central Punjab

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