At the time of admission in first semester, students are assigned courses by the concerned Dean’s Office. However, in all subsequent semesters, students, after consulting their Advisors, may register themselves in courses selected strictly in order of their Roadmaps. Registration dates are announced well before time and students are required to register themselves during those dates. Students are expected to pay their dues for the selected courses before they are formally registered.

Advance payment of dues is approved by the Dean in exceptional cases only.

Students may revise their registration before commencement of classes. No student will be allowed to change courses/sections afterwards. All fees once paid are non-refundable and non-transferable.


A written request up to one week prior to the end of semester must be submitted to the Dean/Associate Dean for withdrawal from any course. If approved by the Dean/Associate Dean, the students can withdraw from a particular course. However, ‘W’ will appear on the transcript and fees paid for such courses will neither be refunded nor carried over to the next semester.


Students who wish to discontinue study for a semester are supposed to get written permission from the Dean’s office to do so. They may resume their study in the next semester on seeking permission of the Dean’s office at the time of registration. Students who go on semester break without permission may not be allowed to register without fine.


In the first semester a student will pay dues for the prescribed load. However, in the subsequent semester, dues are calculated according to the number of courses taken by the student, and shall be payable at the beginning of each semester. The type of tuition fee waiver to the PGC students or any other form of concession will only continue for the subsequent semester(s) if a student fulfills its CGPA requirements.


Students must attend every lecture for each course in which they are registered. Students not adhering to class attendance policy will be restrained from appearing in the final examination and they will be given “W” grade in the course.

There can only be two/three approved leaves in each 3/4 credit hours course during the semester respectively. No fine will be charged on approved leaves however, on absents beyond approved leaves fine at the rate of Rs 500 per day of absence(s) will be levied. A student missing more than 20% of the total delivered classes, will be withdrawn from the course. No transfer of dues or tuition fee is permissible when a student is withdrawn from a course. Fee once paid is neither refundable nor transferable to next semester.


It is at the discretion of the course instructor to decide on the weights of all examinations, assignments, project, presentations, quizzes etc. However, as a broad guideline set at this University, the distribution of weights of these components is would be:

Quizzes, Assignments, Test Papers, Class Participation, etc.30%
Mid. Term Examination30%
Final Examination40%


A student must appear in all tests/ examinations as scheduled. However, if a student fails to appear due to some genuine reason, he/she must seek permission of the Dean to take the missed examination. The student will take the missed examination within two weeks after the scheduled date. The final examination schedule is given in the academic calendar of each term and is provided to all students by the concerned course instructor at the start of each term. Examination must be taken on the scheduled dates. Exceptions may be granted only to individual student in case of emergency or other compelling circumstances beyond human control. All such exceptions must be approved by the Dean’s office.


Each course number consists of two parts. The first part contains at most four letters indicating the subject while the second part contains a four-digit number. The first digit indicates the course level. The second digit indicates the field of subject, the third digit indicates the course number of the field and the fourth number is reserved for the number of credit hours. A student may not enroll in a course unless the pre-requisites to a course have been successfully completed. Pre­requisites, where ever required are mentioned in detailed description of each course in this prospectus.


All students receive grade reports indicating academic progress at the end of each semester for which they were enrolled. UCP strictly follows a 4-point grading system similar to the one prevalent at most of the accredited institutions throughout the globe. The numerical equivalence of letter grades is given below;

Letter GradeGradePoints Marks(%)
F0.00Below 50%


One semester credit hour means that a particular course must have at least one &half hour of class contact per week for a period of 16 weeks. Hence a course of three-semester credit hours will meet for approximately 48 hours or 2880 minutes during a semester. During one semester a student can take up to 5 courses or 15 semester credit hours. The time allocated for Mid term test and Final examinations is excluded from this computation of class contact hours.


A three semester credit hour course can also be completed in 6-8 weeks time provided the class contact of at least 2880 minutes is completed within this time period. Since courses completed in summers are not counted towards degree completion, student will register in old courses which he/she wishes to repeat.


An ‘I’ grade may be assigned to a student who fails to take the final examination due to legitimate reason, but otherwise has completed all course requirements. However, prior permission from Dean’s office should be obtained for the award of ‘I’. An ‘I’ so assigned may be changed to a grade provided the student retakes the final examination within 3 weeks after the beginning of the next semester. If the new grade is not reported within the 4 week period, ‘I’ shall be changed to an ‘ F’ grade.


A student’s Cumulative Grade Point Average is computed by multiplying the number of credit hours of each course by the grade points assigned to that grade, then dividing the sum of these products for all courses by the total number of credit hours in which the student was enrolled. Grade ‘I’ and Grade ‘W’ are not used in the calculation of GPA/CGPA. All students must maintain a minimum CGPA of 2.0 for successful continuation of studies at UCP. However, for courses covered at Master’s level, a minimum CGPA of 2.5 is required.


Transcripts are issued only at the written request of the students. Verbal or telephonic requests for transcripts are neither entertained nor accepted. Official transcripts of the student’s complete academic record are issued on the university stationary, bearing the official embossed seal of the University. Transcripts or other evidence of attendance will not be issued to or on behalf of a student in debt to the University. Each student must obtain a clearance from the accounts office, evidencing that such debts have been paid in full, and all outstanding balances have been cleared, before a transcript of his/her record is issued.


Grades earned in each semester will appear on the student’s transcripts. Students receiving an ‘F’ grade must repeat the course. Students on academic probation for the first time will repeat courses with a grade below ‘C+’ for graduate level courses and below ‘C’ for undergraduate level courses. Not more than 4-6 courses to a maximum of 18-SCH will be allowed for repetition. However, beyond 18-SCH repetition, the old grades will also be included in the calculation of CGPA. The original as well as revised grade of all repeated courses will be shown on the transcript.


All undergraduate/graduate students who fail to maintain a minimum CGPA of 2.0 / 2.5 respectively will be sent a written warning along with their semester end grade report. These students will be put on probation for the next semester only. If at the end of that semester, they fail to attain the required CGPA, they are dropped from the program altogether. All students are required to maintain ‘Good Standing’ throughout their tenure. They are expected and consciously driven to work significantly harder than usual norms.


Student on probation will be restricted to repeating courses with a grade below ‘C+’ for graduate level courses and below ‘C’ for undergraduate level courses and will not be allowed to take any new course from the following semester. These students will be assigned courses by their respective Advisors with due approval of the Dean`s office.


Transfer of credit is decided at the time of admission and is determined on a course-to-course basis. Students applying for transfer of courses must provide all previous academic records to the respective Dean’s office. University’s acceptance of credits from other accredited/recognized academic institutions of higher education is subject to the following conditions:

  • The transfer course must be similar in content and scope to a UCP course, or must confirm to the same competency level of a similar course taught at UCP.
  • Transfer credits, applicable to all the educational programs, must not be less than the grade ‘C’. Transfer credits submitted in fulfillment of a specific degree program must have the final approval of the Dean.
  • Transfer credits must come from a regionally accredited and HEC approved institution.
  • Students are allowed to transfer up to 50% of the total courses in UCP academic programs.


From the date of first registration, the minimum and maximum duration of degree programs is as under.

Bachelors (Hons.)          4 to 7 Years

MS/MPhill                       1.5 to 4 Years

Phd                                   3 to 8 Years

If the limit is exceeded without proper approval of the Dean’s office, the student will be dropped from the program.


Exemplary conduct and discipline is expected from UCP students. Any student found indulging in conduct unbecoming, in the classroom or on the campus, shall be administered a stern warning. If the defaulting student does not show improvement in behavior/conduct, his/her name will be struck off the University Rolls. Friends and relatives of students are discouraged to visit during the university hours. However, in case of emergency they may contact the Information Office. Visitors are not allowed to enter classrooms, the library or the computer labs.


All students are required to possess a valid I.D. Card. Students are strictly required to display their Cards before entering University Campus, Labs, and Classrooms. Students are bound to produce I.D. Cards on demand by any University Official.


For males: Formal pants, slacks, khakis, jeans. dress shirts (neatly tucked in), tee shirts (only Polo necks without offensive words/images painted). Leather Shoes, joggers, shalwar kameez (only on fridays) or by special permission.

For females: Shalwar Kameez with scarf/dupata, trousers with long shirt scarf/dupata, modest make-up and jewellery, if worn. Each student, male or female, is expected to give a neat look.

Patchy, tattered and shabby looking Jeans, crew neck tee shirts, loafers, chappals are not allowed. Badly creased clothes or disheveled hair are not allowed. Students violating dress code can be fined Rs. 500 and will also not be allowed to attend classes.


UCP campus is a smoke free zone. Drinks and eatables can be taken only inside the cafeteria and allowed areas. Drinking/eating at all other places is prohibited.