Recent Events

Annual Milaad’19 & International Islamic Conference

UCP Islamic Guidance Club arranged the Annual Milaad’19 & International Islamic Conference in accordance with the holy month of Rabi-ul-Awal. The keynote speaker of the conference was Allama Soban Raza who talked about Islam and science. Well renowned host and tv anchor Sahibzada Tasleem Ahmad Sabri beautifully recited Naat and That-ul-Lafz in his mesmerizing voice [...]

8 Nov, 2019

Book Meet 2019

The Book Meet is a sitting/gathering organized by UCP Literary Society monthly or sometimes, even fortnightly. It is an open session whereby everybody from the University is welcome to join in and they can share their thoughts. The session provides a platform for expression of one's interpretation and learning. This month's session  was based on [...]

8 Nov, 2019

Breast Cancer Awareness & Fund Raising Campaign

UCP NISA Society working with utmost vigor and dedication along with the participation of students and teachers alike arranged an awareness campaign and a fund-raising activity in accordance with the Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The fund raising campaign included various attractions like bake-sale and games and also a feedback board where female members from around [...]

7 Nov, 2019

Workshop for Erasmus+ Scholarships & Research Proposal

The Office of Research, Innovation, and Commercialization (ORIC) in collaboration with European Union Delegation and HEC conducted a workshop on ERASMUS+ Scholarships and Research Proposals at the University of Central Punjab. The European Union's Erasmus+ program aims to improve quality in advanced education through grants and scholastic co-activity between the EU and the rest of [...]

11 Oct, 2019

Trophy Comes Home

University of Central Punjab, keeping the winning streak alive, won the HEC All Pakistan Sports General Trophy for the consecutive 8th time this year. Competing against 150+ private, government and semi-government universities, UCP set the record of becoming the first private sector university to win HEC All Pakistan Intervarsity Sports Championship for the 8th time [...]

18 Sep, 2019

Toba Tek Singh

Manto was in the air, when Toba Tek Singh (focuses on Identity crisis in a post-partition Pakistan), an afsana by Sadat Hassan Manto, was performed by UCP Dramatics Club. The two-day production was basically arranged to enhance the talent of our members and to pay tribute to a non-conformist figure of literature, Sadat Hassan Manto.  [...]

15 Jul, 2019

Workshop on Partial Least Squares Structural Equation Modelling

A one-day workshop was organised by the Business School of the University of Central Punjab, to provide a platform for students to acquire knowledge on, Partial Least Squares Structural Equation Modelling (PLS-SEM). PLS-SEM, is a second generation technique for data analysis enabling the postgraduate students. The workshop was led by learned trainers like Dr. Arfan [...]

9 Jul, 2019

A Guest Speaker Session on Seed Funding

CEO of, Mr. Zain, was invited as a guest speaker to introduce the students with “Seed Funding”. He explained the framework of and explained effectively the integration of key factors which led to successful entrepreneurial ventures in alignment with technology as a catalyst. Keeping his audience engaged, he explained “How one should pursue [...]

5 Jul, 2019

A Session on Prerequisites for a Corporate Career

Mr. Adeel Anwar, a successful HR leader with more than seventeen years of industry experience was invited as a guest speaker to a session on “Prerequisites for a Corporate Career.” He had served as a Human Resource leader in organizations with multiple operating units. The speaker started off with an introduction to the “Prerequisites for [...]

5 Jul, 2019

1st National Rules of Law Initiatives Week

First National Rules of Law Initiatives week was organised by the Law Society of University of Central Punjab. This week entailed a diverse range of activities focusing on legal health and awareness about serious legal issues. First ever Legislative Theatre in Pakistan was in session. It was juried by Justice (R) Syed Afzal Haider, accompanying [...]

5 Jul, 2019
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