MS/M.Phil. Economics


Structure for M.Phil. Economics

  • Sr. No. Category No. of Courses Cr. Hrs.
  • 1Core515
  • 2Elective515
  • 3Research Thesis26
  • Total936

Structure for MS Economics

  • Sr. No. Category No. of Courses Cr. Hrs.
  • 1Core515
  • 2Elective721
  • Total936

Road Map

Core Courses

  • Sr. No. Course Title Cr.Hrs.
  • 1Advanced Microeconomics3
  • 2Advanced Macroeconomics3
  • 3Leading Issues in Pakistan Economy3
  • 4Research Methods in Economics3
  • 5Advanced Econometrics3

Elective Courses

  • Sr. No. Course Title
  • 1Economics of Governance
  • 2International Trade and Finance
  • 3Topics in Development Economics
  • 4Monetary Theory and Policy
  • 5Economics of Poverty
  • 6Globalization and Economic Integration
  • 7History of Economic Thought
  • 8Health Economics
  • 9Industrial Economics
  • 10Economics of Business and Finance
  • 11Environmental Economics
  • 12Topics in Labor Economics
  • 13Population Dynamics and Migration
  • 14Topics in Agriculture Economics
  • 15Topics in Urban Economics
  • 16Islamic Economics: Theory and Policy
  • 17Game Theory
  • 18Shariah Compliant Banking and Finance
  • 19Time Series Econometrics
  • 20Applied Economics
  • 21Advanced Mathematical Economics
  • 22Advanced Statistical Economics
  • 23Topics in Microeconomics
  • 24Topics in Macroeconomics
  • 25Public Economics
  • 26Financial Econometrics
  • 27Financial Economics
  • 28Topics in Experimental Economics
  • 29Transport Economics
  • 30Energy Economics
  • 31Behavioral Economics
  • 32Economics of Regulations
  • 33Agriculture Economics and Management

Admission Criteria

BS (Hons)/BBA/ MBA/MA/M.Sc. (Economics) or equivalent (with 16 years of education) with 2nd Div./2.50 CGPA. Students awaiting result may also apply for admission on provisional basis.


An MS/M.Phil. Economics graduate is a highly required human resource in government, development, media, politics, banking, financial sectors and research. The graduate can opt for economic talk shows, policy-making in the government sector and banking sector and also provides the opportunity to pursue a successful career in politics with their wide knowledge of political economy. The program allows you to be in a position with which you can positively impact millions of people living in uncertain conditions.

Fee Structure

MS/M.Phil Economics (2 yrs, 4 semesters)

  • Courses Cr. Hrs. Fee per course Admission Fee Total Fee 1st Semester
  • 123626,00025,000337,000129,000


The above-mentioned fee structure is for illustration purpose only. UCP reserves the rights to make changes in the Fee Structure whenever deemed necessary or appropriate.

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