M.Phil./MS degree program in Applied Linguistics is a 02 Years Degree Program that will cover core areas of language teaching, formal and applied linguistics. This program will offer candidates the opportunity to acquire knowledge and understanding of a range of issues concerning language, the way it functions in society and the way it relates to real world issues.

The broad field of subjects includes the core course modules such as introduction to linguistics, phonetics and phonology, morphology and syntax, semantics and pragmatics, and various ELT related topics. The complex workings of language and its practice, playing a central role in society and in different social settings will be explored in subjects like sociolinguistics and psycholinguistics. The most prominent themes and the central topics within the field of M. Phil/MS in Applied Linguistics are those surrounding second and foreign language education. This program will focus on the teaching and learning of second/foreign language(s) within local contexts aiming at honing critical thinking skills for the teaching-learning practices and enhancing their effectiveness addressing the sociocultural issues and constraints involved in such practices specifically relevant to the teaching. The candidates will be encouraged and trained to apply the knowledge of the theories learnt during the course of their study to research projects for effectual implementation as well as the assessment of these theoretical concepts.

Structure for M.Phil/MS Applied Linguistics

The program primarily aims at producing effective English language teaching professionals, language planners, syllabus designer and linguistic researchers who will be able to contribute in different practical fields of linguistics. To achieve the said goal, the program will offer a broad range of cautiously selected courses. These courses will provide the students with requisite and fundamental knowledge of theoretical underpinnings in the field of Applied Linguistics. Similarly, the candidates will be trained both in theory and practice by applying the theoretical knowledge gained in practical and meaning oriented field research. It also aims at providing crucial preparation for writing the dissertation and making substantial contributions to work in students’ chosen field(s). The program ultimately envisions producing well-trained and productive scholars, sympathetic and intelligent critics, and effective and imaginative teachers and professionals.

Degree Requirements:

Total Number of Credit Hours: 30
Duration: 2 Year
Course Load per Semester: 6-9 Credit Hrs.
Number of Courses per Semester: 2-3