The Department of Politics and International Relations is an emerging discipline of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at the University of Central Punjab (UCP). It offers undergraduate and graduate programs in multiple specialties of Political Science and International Relations. Living to its traditions, the UCP hires highly qualified and experienced faculty with the aim to attracting bright scholars and students and to deliver quality education.
The Department is designed to furnish stimulating academic environment for scholars and students in their pursuit of learning. Its goals are to facilitate students to enhancing their knowledge, achieve academic excellence and pursue their educational and professional dreams. The UCP has developed institutional linkages that facilitate to open up wide vista of opportunities for the graduating Alumni.

Rationale of the Program

 In the wake of growing globalization, Pakistani youth is attentive to most of the international developments and ready to express its views on almost all issues. They are today more thoughtful of the growing role of Print and Electronic Media, Government’s policy making process, role of Armed Forces, Think Tanks, NGOs, Civil Services, especially Foreign Service, International and Regional Organizations and Multinationals.
The University of Central Punjab would endeavor to provide knowledgeable and trained young Alumni to relevant organization that are working in the arena of Governance, Research, and International entities engaged in Business, Social and Humanitarian services.


Undergraduate program aims to prepare students having a deep knowledge of the subject as well as the ability to analyze any given situation and draw out conclusions. It is designed by keeping in view the following objectives.

  1. The graduates passed under this program should have a sound and broad knowledge of the subjects. For this purpose an intensive and extensive program spread over 4-Year BS in International Relation is designed.
  2. The program would familiarize students with emerging trends in the disciplines of Political Science and International Relations.
  3. Along with the knowledge of the subject students should also have a broader view of other disciplines of social as well as physical sciences. It will enable the students to interact with other branches of knowledge and strengthen their understanding of states and societies of the Globe.
  4. The graduates are to be equipped with essential tools and techniques of research to enable them to analyze emerging situations and issues. They are prepared to comprehend multifaceted issues of the contemporary domestic, world politics and foreign policy issues.
  5. The graduates of the UCP would be equipped to establish and develop a viable and forceful link between theory, concepts and practices in the field.

Teaching method

Contemporary and workable teaching methods shall be used during the study of the subject of International Relations at the BS level.

  1. Course outlines and the reading material would be provided to students. Library of the UCP provides full support to the students and teachers in getting reading material.
  2. HEC guidelines, national and international practices are followed in the commencement of each course in each semester.
  3. Seminars, workshops and simulations on national and international issue would be organized by the Department according to the available facilities and resources.
  4. Students would be provided the opportunities to visit various organizations relevant to National and International Politics and Economics.