The program offered by Civil Engineering Department of UCP is designed to widen the horizon of young graduates so that they may take up the challenges of the new era and modern development. The advances especially in Structural Engineering with innovative and new materials of construction have made it possible to construct high rise buildings and long span bridges to cater the increased demand of expanding population in urban areas of the Pakistan. A Civil Engineer equipped with specialized knowledge in field of structures is requirement of the construction industry and regulatory bodies of the Government

The Engineers specialized in the field of structures would be able to fullfil the requirements of construction at local and global level with quality and economy. The program would be carried out by foreign qualified and trained PhD faculty, meeting the demands of local and international standards.


  1. To enable the students to successfully use advanced engineering knowledge for the analysis, design and construction of Civil infrastructure.
  2. To enable students to carry of state of the art research for the solution of problem faced by the construction industry and academia also by studying at doctoral level
  3. To inculcate in the students, professional ethics and responsibilities of educated and learned members of society.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Students shall have an ability to identify, formulate and solve practical engineering problems.
  2. Students shall have an ability to communicate effectively in written, oral, and graphical forms.
  3. Students shall have an ability to perform their responsibilities in an ethical and professional way.
  4. Students shall have recognition of the need and an ability to engage in lifelong learning of engineering sciences.
  5. Students shall have an ability to apply advanced knowledge of engineering concepts and techniques to design solution for civil engineering problems.
  6. Students shall have an ability to use modern tools and/or do scientific research, in order to find economical and executable solutions to engineering problems.


During this time of science and technology, research and development requires highly qualified and trained young engineers specially in the field of structural Engineering. It is absolutely necessary to gain professional expertise in the field of structural analysis and design with special focus on earthquake engineering and concrete technology.  The recent advances in the field of material technology have offered solutions for the communication and housing problems of the increasing population of our country. This graduate programs will encourage and help young engineers to learn recent advances in the field of steel and concrete construction with sound knowledge of dynamics to take up the demand of new and innovative