Master of Science in Electrical Engineering is a program which consists of a total of 30 credit hours where 24 credit hours is baseline course work (8 Courses) and in remaining 06 credit hours, the student can choose to take two additional courses (MSc by course work) or a research based thesis (MSc with research).


The objective of the program is to provide knowledge of the advanced concepts and skills to deal with advanced problems in selected areas of electrical engineering to the students in a stimulating and conducive learning atmosphere by providing them with the intellectual and technological tools necessary to meet the challenges of the future.


MSc in electrical engineering program offers the knowledge of advanced techniques in specialized areas such as power systems, control systems, and communication systems. Set of skills obtained in the BSc program are polished and enhanced with a focused approach covering mainly the area of specialization selected by the student. Major purpose of this approach is to impart critical analysis and detailed design skills into the graduates so that they may be able to contribute at higher level in the industry. Another aspect of the MSc program is to get the student ready to tackle more advanced problems related to cutting edge research in their respective area of specialization. This is to prepare the graduates for further learning and research as PhD scholars.