The rapid advances made in the engineering sciences and technology during the last couple of decades have resulted in a paradigm shift especially in the field of mechanical engineering. These days mechanical engineers need advanced knowledge in a variety of fields to keep abreast with the recent developments. The advances especially in electronics and computational engineering have made it possible to simulate complex engineering problems related to aerodynamics, combustion, robotics, solid mechanics etc. The engineers then require expertise in multiple fields to fully understand and troubleshoot complex engineering problems. The program offered by mechanical engineering department of UCP is unique in Pakistan. We intend to prepare the young mechanical engineers for the emerging demands and trends in the national and international market. The students will be taught and guided by foreign qualified PhD faculty in their respective area of specialization and research.


The objective of the program is to prepare graduates with an expertise in more than one branches of mechanical engineering. The advanced knowledge in one or more interlinked branches of mechanical engineering will prepare the young engineers for emerging technological and research trends in the field of mechanical engineering. Our broad-based program is also intended to provide excellent preparation towards an eventual PhD.


The program offered will cover advanced subjects related to more than one branches of the mechanical engineering (design, thermal, mechatronics, and aerodynamics). The graduates can then join industry, research and development organizations in the public and private sector or undertake a PhD. The advanced courses will also prepare and train young mechanical engineers in understanding the impact of engineering practices on the society in more detailed and broader spectrum. The program is intended to broaden their vision to solve multi-faceted problems faced by the society using modern and advanced tools.