M. Sc Mechanical Engineering

The Faculty of Engineering offers the M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering to train students to become experts who understand the mechanics of machines, from generating initial ideas to design and analyze, onward to developing products, processes, systems and maintenance. Teaching the methods suitable to tackle inherent complexities and digging deeper into the sophistication and variety of advanced analysis, FOE aims at producing leaders that can solve problems with innovative techniques.


CGPA Req. for Degree: 2.50 or more
  • Option # 1: 30 Credit hours course work (10 Courses)
  • Option # 2: Minimum 24 Credit Hours course work (8 courses) + 6 Credit Hours thesis
The Faculty will decide to offer the thesis depending upon the available resources and performance of the students during the course work. The minimum duration of M.Sc., ME) program is 1.5 years and the maximum duration is 3 years.

Road Map

  • Year 1, Semester 1

    Module name (W) Cr.Hrs.
  • ME-5123 Fracture and Failure Analysis (Core, 3 Credit Hours)Course work of 24 Credit hours with 3 Core Courses
  • ME-5113 Modeling and Simulation (Core, 3 Credit Hours)
  • ME-6423 CFD for Engineering Applications(Elective, 3 Credit Hours)
  • 01 Elective Course (3 Credit Hours)
  • Year 1, Semester 2

    Module name (W) Cr.Hrs.
  • ME-5323 Automotive Powertrains (Core, 3 Credit Hours)
  • ME-6533 Robotics and Control (Elective, 3 Credit Hours)
  • ME-6063- Aerodynamics (3 Credit Hours)
  • ME6513-Research Methodology (Elective, 3 Credit Hours)

  • Year 2, Semester 3

    Module name (W) Cr.Hrs.
  • ME-6223 Welding and Joining Processes (Elective, 3 Credit Hours)ME-6146 Thesis (6 Credit Hours)
  • ME-6343 Renewable Energy Systems (Elective, 3 Credit Hours)
  • Year 2,

    No. Cr.Hrs.
  • Total08 Courses Thesis OR 10 Courses

Admission Criteria

Sixteen years of schooling or 4-year education (130 credit hours) after HSSC/FSc./A-Levels/ Grade 12 or equivalent in Mechanical, Industrial or Mechatronics engineering from a PEC accredited program. For admission into Faculty of Engineering, a minimum CGPA 2.00 (out of 4.00 in the semester system) or 1st division (in the annual system) in bachelor/master/equivalent degree is required. Application for admission should include the PEC registration number.


The program offered will cover advanced subjects related to more than one branches of mechanical engineering: design, thermal, mechatronics, and aerodynamics. The graduates can then join industry, research and development organizations in the public and private sector or undertake a Phd. Advanced courses will also prepare and train young mechanical engineers to understand the impact of engineering practices on the society in a more detailed and broader spectrum. The program is intended to broaden their vision to solve multi-faceted problems faced by society using modern and advanced tools.

Fee Structure

MSc Mechanical Engineering - (2 yrs, 4 semesters)

  • Sr. No. Description Admission Fee Fee per Credit Hour
  • 1MSc Mechanical Engineering25,00010,600
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