Bachelors of Computer Science (BSCS)

The BSCS program is aimed at developing sound foundations in the key areas of computer science. The theoretical and practical knowledge imparted to students during their degree program enables them to solve real-world problems through the use of computing techniques. The program has been designed keeping in view the emerging needs of the software industry. It meets all the requirements laid down by Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan.

With the help of the broad range of courses offered, students become proficient in computer applications, modern theoretical aspects of computer science, problem solving skills, programming techniques and efficient utilization of tools used to develop computer applications aiming at finding fast and efficient solutions to the real world problems. Students are kept updated on the current and modern trends in the field of computer science through seminars, workshops, competitions, specialized courses and lectures organized by various societies of FoIT.

Our successful graduates are equipped with all the necessary skills to be able to apply their computer science knowledge and skills in advancing their careers and for the overall benefit of society and technical community.