M.Com. program of UCP is designed to fulfill the needs of Commerce graduates who will become fully capable of handling the matters related to Accounting, Finance, Audit, Taxation, and Banking. It is a two year rigorous program designed to equip students with the latest tools available in the field of Commerce and Business. ACCA now offers 8 Papers exemptions to M.Com. graduates of UCP.

The following are the main features of the Degree Program:

  • Two-year Master Degree Program
  • Recognized qualification
  • Affordable fee structure
  • Exemptions offered by ACCA and ICMAP on the basis of M.Com. Degree
  • Two specializations Accounting& Finance, Banking and Finance
  • Computerized Accounting, Finance and Auditing Teaching

Other Features

  • Banking and Finance Degrees offered in collaboration with IBP
  • Internships in IBP supervised banks
  • 12 lectures of professional bankers each year
  • Students can do MS/M.Phil. after M.Com. in two years

M.Com. – Program Requirements:

Courses: 23 + Project
Credit hours: 72
Duration: 2 Years
Areas of Concentration: Accounting and Finance &Banking and Finance

Program Structure of Master of Commerce (M.Com.)

Types of CoursesCr. Hrs.
Core Courses39
Elective Courses18
Specialization Courses12
Research Project03
Total Credit Hours72

Professional Recognition

Considering the course contents and teaching methodology of
our courses, various professional institutes of Accountancy have given exemptions in their study programs to our students. ACCA, a UK based institute of Professional Accountancy, has given ‘9’ papers exemptions to our BS Accounting and Finance students, which is the maximum number of exemptions given by ACCA in Pakistan. ACCA also gives ‘8’ papers exemptions
to M.Com. Graduates. Similarly, exemptions are also given by ICAP, ICMAP, CIMA, and other institutes to our graduates. The exemption details are as follows:

Total PapersExemptionsTotal PapersExemptionsTotal PapersExemptionsTotal PapersExemptionsTotal PapersExemptions
Note*:Exemptions are awarded subject to fulfillment of each Institute’s criteria.