MS Business Administration

The MS Business Administration is a program that sets the foundation for both theory and research needed for an academic and professional career in the field of business management. It prepares students for a professional career in business and management research. The philosophy that sets this program apart from the rest is that it provides a platform for postgraduate management students to understand the practical implications of their concepts associated with high-quality academic research. This approach applies equally to those who become either academic scholars or professional practitioners.


The MS Business Administration provides a thorough grounding in the theory and research needed for academic and professional career in the field of business and management. It prepares students for academic career in universities or commercial career in business and management research. Our philosophy is that postgraduate management students need the understanding and skills associated with high quality academic research. This approach applies equally to those who become either academic scholars or professional practitioners.

Program Objectives

The program gives graduates an insight into modern management practice and an opportunity to develop the skills required for leading and managing organization and pursuing teaching and research careers. Its main elements are:

  • Analysis of organizational structure and behavior both at micro and macro level, through multiple theoretical perspectives.
  • An examination of strategy and the functional areas of management with a focus on internal and external context of organization.
  • Exploring topical issues in management, comparing different management tools and techniques.
  • To design, plan and execute a research project addressing both theoretical and practical issues and to contribute to knowledge repository of management.

Area of Specialization: Management, Finance, Marketing, Operations and Supply Chain Management

  • Core Courses: Four Courses / 12 Credit Hours
  • Elective Courses: Four Courses / 12 Credit Hours
  • Thesis: 06 credit hours
  • Total: 30
  • Duration: Minimum 1.5 years – Maximum 4 years
  • Teaching System: Semester System

Road Map

Sample Course Plan for MS Business Administration

  • Year 1, Semester 1

    S.No. Course Title
  • 1Quantitative Research Methods3
  • 2Qualitative Research Approaches3
  • 3Organizational Theory and Design3
  • 4Multivariate Data Analysis3
  • Total12
  • Year 1, Semester 2

    S.No. Course Title
  • 1Elective 13
  • 2Elective 23
  • 3Elective 33
  • 4Elective 43
  • Total12

  • Year 2, Semester 3

    S.No. Course Title
  • 1Research Thesis6
  • Total6Total Credit Hours
  • 30

Students securing minimum of 3.00 CGPA will be entitled for the thesis of 6 credit hours.  Thesis is completed under the supervision of a faculty member and is evaluated by an external examiner as per university rules.

Note: A student with non-business background may be required to take pre-requisite courses to be determined by the Graduate Research Committee depending on the academic background of the students.

Note: The sample roadmap provided above is for illustration purposes only. UCP Business School reserves the right to make changes in this roadmaps or any other information presented herewith, as and whenever deemed necessary or appropriate (Errors and omissions expected).

Admission Criteria

  • Sixteen years of schooling or 4 years of education after HSSC/FA/F.Sc./ICS/A levels/ Grade 12 or equivalent.
  • A minimum CGPA 3.00 out of 4.00 in the semester system or 1st division in annual system in bachelors, masters or equivalent degree in a relevant discipline including Business, Management and Commerce are required.
  • Admission test and interview will be conducted.


By opting for MS Business Administration, students will get a wide array of career opportunities in the private and public sector along with non-profit organizations. This program provides future prospects for ambitious marketing professionals and financial analysts to consolidate their knowledge, skills and abilities while moving up into senior levels. Moreover, this program will prepare the student to embark on a Ph.D. program at UCP or any other within and outside Pakistan. Furthermore, as per HEC policy regarding the faculty appointment and promotion, no faculty member can be hired as / promoted to Assistant Professor if he/she does not hold a Ph.D. Degree.

Fee Structure

MS Business Administration - (2 yrs, 4 semesters)

  • Sr. No. Description Admission Fee Rate per credit hour (Existing) Fee per Credit Hour
  • 1MS Business Administration25,0001050010500

Research Work

A Student will register for each Semester during the Thesis work and will pay Fee of one Course for each Semester. A student Registered for MS/MPhil Thesis will have to pay minimum fee equal to two courses and a student registered in Ph.D Thesis will have to pay minimum fee equal to four courses.


The above-mentioned fee structure is for illustration purpose only. UCP reserves the rights to make changes in the Fee Structure whenever deemed necessary or appropriate.

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