BS – Accounting and Finance Program

BS (Hons) Accounting and Finance is a four-year program, which covers intensive Accounting and Finance Syllabi. There are total 126 credit hours including internship. The program is a mix of strong accounting and finance conceptual framework and soft skills needed to excel in these areas. This program also improves technical and interpersonal skills of students.

Syllabus coverage of the courses allows the students not only to attain the BS (Hons) degree but also to attempt ACCA (UK) papers, within the four years. At the end of this time period, a candidate may become a graduate and a professional qualification holder. ACCA offers exemption of first 9 papers to the graduates of UCP, BS (Hons) Accounting and Finance Program. This is the first degree in Pakistan provided by the University of Central Punjab that has been awarded with exemption of 9 papers of ACCA (UK). Under ‘Accelerate’ program ACCA exempts Registration Fee, First Annual Fee,and Exemption Fee of the 9 courses to the graduates of BS Accounting and Finance. To complete ACCA qualification graduates just have to pass last 5 papers of ACCA.
This program has two semesters every year and there are total 8 semesters.

Program Requirements:

Courses: 40 courses + Internship & Report
Credit hours: 126
Duration:  4 Years
Areas of Concentration: Accounting and Finance
Eligibility Criteria: I.Com., FA/F.Sc., A Level, Equivalent Qualification Minimum second division)

Program Structure of BS (Hons) Accounting and Finance

Types of Courses: Cr. Hrs.
Core Courses and Elective Courses 96
Specialization Courses 24
Internship and Report 06

Professional Recognition

Considering the course contents and teaching methodology of our courses, various professional institutes of Accountancy have given exemptions in their study programs to our students. ACCA, a UK based institute of Professional Accountancy, has given ‘9’ papers exemptions to our BS Accounting and Finance students, which is the maximum number of exemptions given by ACCA in Pakistan. ACCA also gives ‘8’ papers exemptions to M.Com. Graduates. Similarly, exemptions are also given by ICAP, ICMAP, CIMA, and other institutes to our graduates. The exemption details are as follows:

Total Papers Exemptions Total Papers Exemptions Total Papers Exemptions Total Papers Exemptions Total Papers Exemptions
BS in Accounting & Finance 14 9 15 8 18 9 21 5 12 9
Note*:Exemptions are awarded subject to fulfillment of each Institute’s criteria.