Dr. Zahid Ahmad

Dr. Zahid Ahmad

Associate Professor

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Dr. Zahid Ahmad has been associated with the University of Central Punjab for the last ten years. He is a well-known professor of Statistics holding M.Sc. (Statistics) degree
from Islamia University, Bahawalpur. He has done his M.Phil. and PhD (Statistics) from Government College University, Lahore. He has taught at public and private sector universities, he is expert of his area of specialization. He is a research consultant and also has a keen interest for supervising research work at M.Phil. and PhD levels. He teaches advanced level statistics and econometrics courses in addition to Quantitative Methods, Business Statistics and Quantitative Analysis courses. He has various research publications in HEC recognized journals, and contributed his research in a number of seminars and conferences at national and international levels.

PhD Statistics GC University Lahore 2009
Associate Professor University of Central Punjab Lahore 2010 to date
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