Imran Arshad Choudhry

Imran Arshad Choudhry

Imran Arshad Choudhry


  • Introduction to Computing
  • Programming Fundamentals
  • Digital Logic and Design
  • Computer Architecture


Organization: Centric Marque Arts
Organization Type: Software House
Designation: Assistant Programmer
Location: Lahore Pakistan
Tenure: July-2003 – January 2005
Task Assigned
Developed in house project that is activity management system (AMS). This application is used for the management of resource in terms of there output and performance. This application was developed in JSP and back end was in Sql server. My responsibility was to develop the front end of the application.
Developed web application for document management system namely Information Management System. This kept all the business processes and their diagram and the assignment of that task to which resource. Also this system maintains their document version. The primarily purpose of this system was manage the resource task activity on business process. This application is used by project managers and higher management to check the resource performance on specific task on daily basis.
Developed a web portal about the products, which the company offers to their customers and they can purchase the items online. This site was developed using JSP and SQL server.
Organization: “The Sinus Node“
Organization Type: Software Consulting Firm
Designation: Senior IT Programmer
Location: Hertfordshire, UK.
Tenure: March-2005 to February-2007
Task Assigned
I joined as a Programmer and after 7 months promoted as Senior It programmer. The Sinus Node worked as a consulting firm outsourcing resources to various firms and institute requiring in house software consultancy and development. While working for The Sinus Node I offered my services to various financial institute as an  IT consultant.
Organization: London Waltham College
Organization Type: College
Designation: Visiting Faculty
Location: London
Tenure: September-2005 to December 2006
Task Assigned
London Waltham College was offering The British Computer Society Programs of level 4,5 and 6. I was teaching part time programming and networking courses. As an instructor I required in depth knowledge of the subject at hand.
Organization: HSZ Securities (pvt) Ltd
Organization Type: Member Of Lahore Stock Exchange (LSE)
Designation: Manager IT
Location: Lahore Pakistan
Tenure: May-2007 to September-2010
Task Assigned
I joined in as IT manager. The major job description involved support and trouble shooting. I was responsible for managing the networks at various offices of the company and also manage connectivity between them.
I found the job to be very interesting and challenging in various aspects pertaining to latest technologies in terms of networking and hardware resources. The job is very critical at the organization require real time online data to be processed and even a minor glitch can prove to be very expensive.
Organization: University Of Education
Organization Type: University
Designation: Visiting Faculty
Location: Lahore
Tenure: February-2010 to Date
Task Assigned
The university of Education offers BSIT and MCS IT programs. Mostly I have been involved in various courses of the MCS program in the afternoon and evening. The extensive curriculum requires in depth knowledge of the IT field.

Organization: University Of Central Punjab
Organization Type: University
Designation: Assistant Professor
Location: Lahore
Tenure: February-2011 to Date
Task Assigned
The University of Central Punjab offers BSCS, MS and PhD programs. I have been teaching various courses of the BS program related to system architecture. The rigorous and intensive program necessitates the use of extensive  knowledge in the field of Computer Sciences


Degree Name: MSCS
Level Attained: Masters Degree
CGPA:  3.75 (First Position In Batch S03)
Institute: University of central Punjab Lahore, Pakistan
Session: 2003 – 2004
Degree Name: BSCS
Level Attained: Bachelors Degree Honors
CGPA: 3.55
Institute Address: University of central Punjab Lahore, Pakistan
Session: 1999 – 2002

Area Of Interest

Computer Basics and Electronics, Logic and Design, Low level Programming, Computer Architecture, Database Design and Administration and Networking.


  1. 14 No. 10 OCTOBER 2016 International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security

Journal Impact Factor (0.519), PaperID 30091689: Verification of Android Permission Extension Framework using SPF and JPF (pp. 340-346)


Language Read Write Speak Understand
English Good Average Good Good
Urdu Good Average Good Good
Faculty of Information Technology, University of Central Punjab

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