Mr. M. Nadeem Alvi

Mr. M. Nadeem Alvi

Mr. M. Nadeem Alvi

Assistant Professor

Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Educational Information

Ph.D (Pharmaceutical Chemistry)

BZU, Multan (2013-2018) (continued)

M.Phil. (Pharmaceutical Chemistry)

UCP, University of The Punjab Lahore (2001-2003)


UCP, University of The Punjab Lahore (1997 – 2001)


University of The Punjab Lahore (2001)


  •  June 2012 One day workshop on the topic of “Patient Safety: Spinal Health” at University of Central Punjab.
  • July 2011 One day workshop on the topic of “Current Pharmacy Practices” in Allama Iqbal Medical College Lahore.

Academic Experience

Assistant Prof. / Prog. Director

University of Central Punjab, Lahore (Sep 2011 – Present)

Assistant Prof./ Prog. Coordinator

Hajvery University, Lahore (Oct 2007 – Oct 2011)

Industrial Experience

Medico Leagal Executive

ParaDoc Int. (Pvt) Ltd (Aug 2006 – Oct 2007)

Center Manager / Pharmacist

Himont International (HIMSS) (Nov 2004 – July 2006)

Consultant Pharmacist

Route 2 Highnoon (Sep 2004 – Oct 2004)

Branch Manager/ Pharmacist

ZAKA Pharmacy (May 2003 – Aug 2004)

Research Publications

  1. Yusaf, R., Nawaz, R., Hayat, S., Khursheed, A., Zafar, N., Ahmad, A., Bashir, I., Alvi, N., Sajid, I., Majeed, I. (2014). Structural Components of Liposomes and Characterization Tools. Indo American Journal of Pharm Research, 4(08).
  2.  Farooq, U., Bashir, I., Jamshaid, M., Majeed, I., Alvi, M. N., Siddiqui, F. A., & Mehmood, Y. (2014). Niosomes: A Unique Drug Delivery Tool. World Journal of Pharmacy And Pharmaceutical Science. 3 (12): 111-123.
  3.  Sajid, M. I., R. Mehboob., S.Ahmad., M.Jamshaid., I. Majeed., Siddiqui, F.A., Khan, G. J., Alvi, M.N., Bashir, I., Raza, A. (2013). Association of Serum Thyroid Hormones and Serum Leptin with Body Mass Index, International Journal of Current Biotechnology, 1(8):4-8.
  4. Sajid, M. I., Aziz, K., Ahmad S., Alvi, M. N., Bashir, I., Riaz, M.N. (2013). BMI is Associated with Serum Leptin and Lipid Profile. Pakistan Journal of Medical and Health Sciences, 3(7):87-93.
  5.  Riaz, M.N., Sajid, M.I., Jamshaid, M., Khan, G.J., Shahzad, M., Majeed, I., Siddique, F.A., Alvi, N., Bashir, I. (2013). An in-vitro study on Eugenia Jambolana plant extract in isolated rabbit ilium showing spasmolytic effects. Canadian Journal of Applied Sciences. 4(3):01-16.
  6.  Mehmood, Y., Bashir, I., Majeed, I., Alvi, N., Jamshaid. M., Idrees. K., Jamshaid. U. (2014). Preparation and Evaluation of Famotidine Containing Chewing Gum. International Journal of Pharmaceutical Research & Allied Sciences. 4(3):78-82.
  7.  M.T.J. Khan, K. Ahmad, M.N. Alvi, Noor-ul-Amin, B. Mansoor, M. Asif Saeed, F.Z. Khan and M. Jamshaid. (2010). Antibacterial and Irritant Activities of Organic Solvent Extracts of Agave americana Linn., Albizzia lebek Benth. Achyranthes aspera Linn. and Abutilon indicum Linn – A Preliminary Investigation. Pak. J. Zool., 42(1) 93-97.
  8. M.T.J. Khan, M. Nadeem, M. Jamshaid, M. Riaz (2008). Organic solvent extracts of Chenopodium ambrosiodes L. has no antibacterial activity. Pak. J. Zool., 40(3). 225-226.
  9. Tariq Javaid Muhammad Jamshaid, Irfan Bashir, M. Nadeem Alvi, Imtiaz Majeed (2013). Efficacy & specificity of anti-tissue transglutaminase immunoglobulin a in comparison with small bowel biopsy in celiac disease. Indo American Journal of Pharm Research.2013:3(12).

Authored Books/Part or Chapter of Books

  1. September 2012, Concise and Conceptual Clinical Pharmacy (3rd Edition) For Pharm D. Final Professional Students.
  2. February 2011, Concise and Conceptual Pharmaceutical Technology (2nd Edition), For Pharm D. Final Professional Students.
  3. September 2010, Concise and Conceptual Medicinal Chemistry (1st Edition), For Pharm D. Final Professional Students.
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