Faculty of Sciences

The aspiration to have an independent faculty of science has been long-standing at UCP and through the hard work, dedication and vision of many people, it is now a reality. FOS is home to the foundation science disciplines. We are a diverse faculty that encompasses chemistry, physics, mathematics, statistics, and botany. We provide leading-edge education using evidence-based approaches to improve and innovate at all levels.


Science plays a huge part in our daily life – it is everywhere – and inescapable. Every day, we draw on scientific knowledge to make sense of the world around us. Science is about discovery, research, entrepreneurship and curiosity – and that’s what we do at the FOS. Our mission at the Faculty of Sciences is to prepare students to become self-reliant professionals imbued with the critical thinking and adaptability necessary to meet future challenges and excel in all walks of life.

Science is where “discoveries begin!”